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Good Days and Snow Days

April 22, 2012

November 23, 2011 9:06pm

I woke up today thinking, damn, another day of school. All I wanted to do was just roll around in bed, to bury my face into my soft pillows, and remain blanketed within my very own cloud of luxury. So there I remained…until I heard one of my roommates woke up. That was when I jumped out of bed and ran right into the bathroom. You see, this roommate, D (for short), always wakes up around the same time I do, and always takes quite a long time in the bathroom. So, whenever I wake up and hear her wake up too, what do I do? Well, I run for the shower, that’s what I do!

So I ran into the shower, and obviously, she came out and asked me how long I was going to take. “Mind if I take a quick shower? I’ll be done in 10,” I said. “Okay,” she reluctantly replied. So that was how my day started. After, I trudged around my room and decided that I would go make breakfast. When I walked into the kitchen, I was pleasantly surprised. There was snow! Okay, well there wasn’t snow in my kitchen. There was snow outside! I was so happy. I had known that it was going to snow today on account of checking the weather network last night, but it had completely slipped my mind. How fantastic! I thought. The rest of the morning was basically just routine, so I’ll skip to the part of walking to school.

I was so excited to walk to school in the snow. On top of that, I had downloaded some great Christmas music yesterday, and couldn’t wait to listen to them. So off I went, in my bulky Parka and heavy-duty made-for-a-blizzard boots. Boy was I warm! Two pairs of leggings, two pairs of socks, a long-sleeve, and an oversized sweater (and oh, don’t forget my mittens!); needless to say, I was a bit sweaty upon arrival at school. Though, I couldn’t smiling the whole way there. The snow was just so wonderful. It fell in chunks of flakes, sometimes, temporary blinding my vision. But that was quite alright because I absolutely loved it. To make things even better, I was listening to a very cute Christmas song, one that I had heard yesterday while sitting at Starbucks: No Christmas for Me by Zee Avi. Listen to it here: (I will soon post up a list of my favourite Christmas songs, check it out later this week!)

With the snow and all, I already knew it was going to be a good day. When I got to class, the professor announced that he was going to hand back the second midterm that we had did about two weeks ago. Now trust me, that was when I sort of started internally freaking out. This was the midterm that I kept moping over after I had completed it. You see, there were two questions. The first, I thought I had aced for sure. The second? I thought I had failed for sure. Especially knowing the professor, he has no problems failing kids. When he announced that he was going to hand back the midterms, I thought I was going to faint. But today was supposed to be a good day! There’s snow! Why? Nothing bad is supposed to happen! I’ve never had a day that started out being so great and turned out to be so bad! But maybe, I kept telling myself, maybe, just maybe, I didn’t do as badly as I thought I did. After all, I always think that I did so well, when it turns out that I didn’t. Or, I always think that I did so poorly, but then it turns out that I didn’t! So maybe, I didn’t do that badly.

Well, turns out, I was right. I mean, I didn’t do exceptionally well, but I did better than my first midterm! I felt so happy. What was ironic was that I actually did better on the second question than the first. Seriously, I don’t know how that happened. I really wasn’t sure what I was writing…. I was just, well writing things. Anyway, I was really happy that I did better. Especially after the comment the professor made on my last midterm: “You write very well, but blah blah blah, I expect you to do better next time, etc., etc.” So I did – I did better! The day was still very beautiful and I was really loving everything.

Stuff happened in between, things that are insignificant, so I won’t be mention them. But let me just tell you, I had a fantastic day. Work was a breeze, one particular class was great (on account of a Movie-Star-looking Guest Lecturer), and life just seems oh so beautiful! But alas, I must go now, and continue writing my final paper for Law. Wish me good luck!

All-in-all, what a good day. See, things do turn around. Yesterday started off as a bad day, then turned into a better day. Today, was even better! So always keep looking up, because things will always get better.

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