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On Getting Better

April 22, 2012

November 30th, 2011 4:33pm

A recent email to my old friend: BG


My last phil of race paper I got a C+. I was upset, but I knew I had deserved it. I mean, I didn’t even do any of the readings, I just pulled the 1001 words out of my ass, literally.

But today, I got back my second paper. I was so upset and distraught that I, Tina Ta (the supposed writer), had gotten a C+ on an essay that, this time, I actually sat down and did all of my readings. I got it back today. B+. Not too shabby. “Tina, this is pretty clear and well argued… etc”. I was really happy, but mostly proud, because I had done a lot better. So I know now (but I guess I’ve always known), that I can do better, and that I have the ability to do well, that I just need to try!
I was thinking today how it’s not necessary to be “the best”. No, I think it’s necessary to be “better”. I think that’s what’s important. It’s not about being the best, it’s about getting better. And, I’ve really gotten better since my first round of midterms, and that’s why I’m so proud of myself. I mean, I’m not getting straight As, but I’ll be there soon enough.
Besides, you don’t learn anything by being the best. You learn much more by trying to get better. Did that make any sense?
That is all,
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