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Vinyl Cafe Unplugged – Stuart McLean

April 22, 2012

November 19th, 2011 5:56pm

This month’s featured book is… wait for it, Vinyl Cafe Unplugged, by Stuart McLean! This book is the third book of the Vinyl Cafe books. I’m still making my way through the series (in fact, I’m on the fourth book!), so I can’t say that this book is my favourite out of the series. Really, it’s hard to say – they’re all so damn good!

The Vinyl Cafe Series is a collection of short stories, told from the perspective of a third person narrator, of a family of four people – a father, a mother, a daughter, and a son. These stories follow the lives of each individual and the life of the family as a whole. (But most of the time, it tells the stories of Dave, the father.) To me, these stories are just so good because they often depict the funniest things that we humans do – the kind of things that often go by undetected. Trust me, if you like watching the comedy series, Modern Family, then you’ll like this book series. These are short stories that you can just pick up and run with – literally. (This is the book I grab when I hit the gym, and needless to say, I look like a laughing baboon on the elliptical machine.) You can even listen to Stuart McLean read his short stories through podcasts on the CBC radio site at

Advice: Go out and grab the newest edition of the series. The older edition of the series has some other stories about random people  – it’s best to get the newer edition because they only focus on the David and Morley Family.

I can’t say much more, because then I’ll spoil it. These stories aren’t the “HAHA” obvious kind of stories, but they will surely make you crack a smile.

Read more reviews from by clicking on the link below:

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