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Carpe Diem(?), Carpe Diem(!)

April 23, 2012

March 1st, 2012 11:01pm

About five seconds ago, I was on this cool site called, Pinterest. I’m not going to go into too much detail about what it is, but basically, it’s just like Tumblr, except much cooler. It’s like having your own giant online scrapbook, with different themed boards, and “pinning” all the cool things you find on the web.  And on top of that, you can share your boards with your friends and even random strangers.

So anyway, like I was saying, I was on Pinterest, when I saw this on someone’s board:

The caption reads: “I’ve wanted one for years”.

And you know what I thought? I thought, so why the hell won’t you get one? Carpe Diem right? Seize the day! This made me think. If there are people out there who don’t want to shell out a mere $80-200 on an iPod Dock/Speaker, then there must be all the more people out there who refuse to wear their hearts on their sleeves, who are afraid to tell the people they love most that they care; all the more people out there who refuse to seize the day!

If you’ve got someone like this out there who won’t spend $80-200 on something that he/she has wanted “for years”, then think of all those people out there who won’t spend love to receive love. Carpe diem – carpe diem!

Just a passing thought, that’s all.

(PS. It was not my intention to offend this person! So if you were this person who had pinned the above – sorry. But at the very least, something came out of it; you inspired this blog post!)

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