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Emotional Tears

April 23, 2012

March 22nd, 2012 9am

Why is it that we cry? I mean scientifically, why do we cry? This should be easy enough to answer. I will look it up soon and will post up the answer here.

I mean, I cry almost all the time! (But out of happiness, not sadness.) I used to cry at least a couple of times a day – when I was laughing all the time. People were always confused when they saw me laughing/crying. They were confused. “Are you sad or happy? Why are you sobbing?” they would ask me. It’s really funny actually. Tears would be everywhere, my face would be a running mess, but this was how I liked it, I was happy. Now I cry about a couple times a week, that is, if I’m lucky. I cry when I watch sad movies, and I cry during those few times a year when I am frustrated at my mother. Actually, I almost never cry out of sadness, and I almost never cry (other than out of happiness) in front of others. I think I cry approximately one time a year in front of someone else. I actually keep count. Once that one time has been used up, it’s no more crying in front of others for the rest of the year! (That was a joke, albeit, not a very funny one.)

It’s probably because, subconsciously, I don’t want to appear weak in the eyes of others. I just don’t want to let my guard down. I want to be strong! Strong. I guess subconsciously, what I’m thinking is, I’m not going to cry! I’m going to be strong, not like those other sissies (sorry, if you’re one of those…).

But you know what, consciously, I don’t think that. I don’t think crying is weak. To cry is to be human. Crying is natural. It’s to show others that you care, that you love them, that you are sad, that you have weaknesses, that you need help, etc, etc. To have tears is to have emotions!

But I guess I don’t want people thinking I have emotions. Maybe, my secret desire is to be emotionless.

Jeez Louise, am I human?

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