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Studies…[in the History] of the Last Month

April 23, 2012

[This post is the last post on my old blog. It obviously makes more sense on the old blog than on this new blog…. But what the heck, I am transferring all of my posts over!]

April 14th, 2012 9:35am

The lack of posts during the last three weeks or so is scary. Sorry, I’ve been busy.

It is currently 8:29 am, Saturday, April 14th, 2012. The next 6 days are going to be brutal. For all of you who are not in school right now, try to sympathize – it’s exam season!

You see, it started out great – the planning for finals I mean. A month ago, I had it all planned out. For English Lit, I were to do all of the readings over again. I even made a reading schedule: 25 pages a night, seven nights a week for a month. It was going great for the first two weeks. I took it at a slow pace, did my readings, and spent the remaining hours loafing around doing nothing (well doing next to nothing). It was fantastic; I felt relaxed, and at the same time, felt like I was freeing my conscious from the shackles of worrying about finals. In tough times, I tend to get really, really, really organized. I had deadlines highlighted in orange in my agenda, and my own personal deadlines highlighted in purple. Highlighted in green were events. (See the snapshots below of my calendar – March & April)

March 2012
April 2012

But then trouble started up about two weeks ago. All of a sudden, I had all these papers due! And I had to do them on top of doing my English readings every night! How was I to manage? Well I did… well am sorta trying to now.

This past Tuesday, I had a seven page paper on Leibniz due. On Thursday, I had a twenty page paper for Philosophy of Mechanics due; a three page paper on “the Secularization of Our Age” due; and an quiz on Aristotle’s Politics. Yesterday, I had an English paper on Barrett Browning’s Aurora Leigh and Dickens’s Hard Times due. Last week was busy, but it wasn’t AWFUL. I had most of the rough drafts of those papers finished a couple of weeks earlier anyway.

But this week is going to involve some serious dedication. I spent all of yesterday evening (and well into the night) reading Kierkegaard’s “The Seducer’s Diary”. (It was good, I recommended it! It’s one of those interesting works that gives you insight into the mind of a twisted character.) Anyway, I somewhat enjoyed that book. But today, I have to read two very long papers by Karen Armstrong and Leibniz… AND write two rough drafts! Needless to say, I am not looking forward to that! Tomorrow, I will have to reread many parts of Aristotle’s work, and next week, I will have to redo much of my english reading (on account of having forgotten them by now) and STUDY. But then, after friday morning, I will be on a train and HOME BOUND. I will be DONE.

Well at least until May 1st. That’s when summer school starts. Then I’ll be back up here to 1) move into my new apartment (!) and 2) to do complete two courses: fundamentals of logic and psych stats. Fun right? Well, I don’t think it’s going too bad… (But I always say that about a new semester). I’ll be in classes from 11-3:30. After that, I’ll explore the city, ride around on my bike (of course, I’ll have to get a bike first), and lounge around. What I’m going to say next means no offence to ANY of my friends, but I’m just excited to be alone. Well, I won’t really be alone because a ton of people are staying here for the summer, but what I mean is, not have to see anybody when I don’t want to. I really have not been alone for a very long time… and I need it!

Those two courses will take up all of May and so, I’ll probably be home the first week of June. June!

In June, I plan to complete the final stage of acquiring my driver’s license… and RELAX! Of course, I would love to get a job as a tutor. (Does anybody need tutoring? I am well versed and well endowed… with general knowledge!) I also plan to do much reading and to continue writing my book. Yes – I am writing a book! But who knows when I’ll finish it. I also think I promised to give my friend’s daughter piano lessons for a Starbucks Non-Fat Venti Café Misto with 1/2 Pump Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup and… an apple. (Wow, do Starbucks drinks sound pretentious or what?) Oh, and I also plan on submitting my work to every magazine/newspaper possible in an attempt to get published again – even if it means that I’ll have to plant my work in hidden places around Indigo. (Okay, so what if I’ve done this before?)

July until mid-August is summer school at UofT. I’ll be taking two courses: Intro to Personality and French. Woot! It’ll be a busy summer but I’ll be excited as hell. My mother was very worried that I wouldn’t really be having a summer. “Take the summer off! Enjoy! Relax! You’ll be stressed when you won’t have to be!” But like I told her, this is what I like. Strange as it sounds, I am happiest when I am stressed about school. I love the pursuit of knowledge! (Wow, do I sound like a nerd!) But I love it, I want to be a scholar! (At one point last semester, I thought I wanted to be a Kantian Scholar. Oh boy.)

Anyway, I’m taking all of those courses in an attempt to graduate early. My undergraduate career just sucks. It’s boring – I want to hurry this up and get on to Grad school!

Okay, I should go now. I woke up at 6:30 a.m. today. Strange because I went to bed at 1am. That was only 5 hours and 30 minutes of sleep! At the beginning of the semester, I was always getting at least 9 hours of sleep. The even stranger thing is, I woke up on my own… no alarm or anything. And you know what? I was even wide awake…. Strange! I woke up to finish the Kierkegaard book. Having finished that about an hour ago, I started writing here. Now I need to go and tell my third roommate, D, of how disappointed I am that she ignored my request that no guests (i.e. her boyfriend) should be over this weekend on account of exam period. I feel like I’m her parent and she is the daughter that I never wanted.

Trust me, I am a nice person – too nice, as people have described me. So, this is my attempt of sticking up for myself because I always let people walk all over me! BUT NOT THIS TIME.

That is all.

PS. The title of this post, “Studies in the History of the Last Month” plays off of Walter Pater’s, “Studies in the History of the Renaissance” – something that I had to read (and did not enjoy…very much) for English. But maybe I didn’t really enjoy it very much because I was skimming it.

PPS. I am getting bored of the layout of my blog… so I might be changing it soon…. I know, I know, I change it way too often!

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