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The Palindrome of My Love

April 23, 2012

Picture Frames are empty and you and I are lying lifelessly next to each other. 

There was another.

And you said, to each, his own.

We both knew where this was heading to – the end.

It was all a matter of what came next.

Our love hung lifelessly in the stale air.

Sinned, your tongue couldn’t stop lying.

But that was just the way you were; this is just the way you are.

I am looking through the looking glass.

And I see an hourglass, broken.

We both stare, but I, more intently than you.

The sand scattered, and the glass, broken.

Time is gone – the seconds are meaningless, empty.

Things around us freeze, just the way they were – just the way they are.

The frames of our lives suddenly, seem bare.

You leave, and now, only the picture remains.”

I wrote this a while back, probably when I was going through some teenage angst over some boy. Who knows? It was probably a stupid crush anyway.

I wonder, does love always have to be painful?

I know what my father would say; he would say yes. My father once gave me a real piece of advice. He had probably sensed my sad mood over the phone that day a couple of months ago. He told me not be sad. Why not? Because in order to be happy, you need to know what it’s like to be sad.

So I guess it’s the same with love. In order to know love, you need to know pain first.

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