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Tough Decisions

April 23, 2012

March 7th, 2012 11:02pm

Today, while at work, I had a very nice chat with P. We talked about a whole bunch of things; one thing led to another, and the next thing you know, I was posing some cases of moral dilemma.

I said to him, “There are two boats in front of you and you only have time to save one. On one boat is your wife, and on the other boat, is the world’s greatest scientist. Who would you save?”

WIthout so much of a blink of an eye, he said, “My wife.”

I told him that he wasn’t being very rational.

“Rational? What do you mean?” asked P.

I said that he didn’t even give that question so much of a thought. He told me that he did think about it and decided that he would save his wife. I said, “Well, you didn’t give it enough thought.”

Being rational means weighing the options. I told P that he was too emotional. He replied by asking me why he would care about the world’s greatest scientist when he obviously would care so much more for his wife. I said that he was being selfish by automatically choosing to save his wife. After all, the world’s greatest scientist could save millions of lives if he were to find the cure to cancer! (But I guess it could also be that way for the wife. If the wife lived, she could have gone on to positively affect thousands of people, while the world’s greatest scientist could have failed in his mission to find a cure for whatever disease.)

I don’t know what I would do. Well actually, I probably would save my husband (at least, that would be my automatic choice). But thinking rationally about it now, there doesn’t seem to be any fair way of choosing.

So the question to those of you out there is: Who would you save in this case? Your spouse or the world’s greatest scientist? Would it make a difference if it were to be two complete strangers? What if on one boat was Albert Einstein and on the other were five regular people? Who would you save?

(If you’re interested in cases of moral dilemma like those that I have presented here, search up “The Trolley Case”. See video below for snapshot of what you can expect. You will love it – makes ya think!)

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