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Unexpected Acquaintances

April 23, 2012

March 2nd, 2012 10:08pm

On the way to meet our friend N for dinner tonight, my roommate M and I bumped into M*, a friend of my good friend, A. Well, it wasn’t exactly “bumped”, it was more like he and his friend walked past us on the street and M pointing out to me, “hey that’s M*!”. Naturally, when she pointed that out, I turned my head and asked, “where?”. But as fate would have it, he would turn around at the same time and look right at us. I, being the courteous person I am, called out, “M*?”

That was when he and his friend walked towards us. Of course, I expected the usual, “hey, how’s it going” kind of thing and the formal introductions with his friend. Instead, the four of us stood on the corner of Peel and St. Catherine for what seemed like forever, getting reacquainted with each other. While M and M* were talking about whatever they were talking about, my newly found acquaintance A* and I talked about Philosophy and English. Such an agreeable guy he is! In fact, during the conversation, we found that we had at least two things in common: that we were both vegetarians and that we both loved english and philosophy.

Anyway, the four of us talked about a lot of things in what was more realistically, a time span of ten to fifteen minutes. A* was from out of town – he was visiting and was enjoying it. The boys brought up the topic of dinner a couple of times, which prompted M to lean over to me (in such an obvious way that it caught their attention) and say in Vietnamese, “Should we invite them to have dinner with us?”. I didn’t really think about it, but I figured, well if she’s asking, then maybe she wouldn’t mind having dinner with them, and if she wouldn’t mind, then I guess I wouldn’t either. I mean, if she’s asking, that must be there is some appealing nature to the idea of having dinner with them… right? So I said sure and she turned around and invited them. We had a good laugh about the whole “talking in Vietnamese” thing and began walking towards our destination for dinner. What’s on the menu? Pizza!

On the way, we met up with N and continued our walk to this great Pizza place with literally 70 different kinds of pizza. (Was it 70? Maybe it was 71.) We sat around and chatted. M* called on A to join us and he agreed to, so we waited for the 6th member of our party. Twenty minutes and a lot of refills of water later, A arrived and we ordered. The pizza came, very stimulating conversations were being had all at once, and knives and forks were being waved about in people’s faces. It was indeed very amusing, at least, in my eyes, it was. The boys invited us out for drinks afterwards but we automatically said no. Why? Because it was a friday and fridays were movie nights. M and I had already agreed earlier that we would watch Terms of Endearment (1983) tonight; I was even excited to try out my new popcorn making machine. M* insisted that we should go out, so did A. Funny, because he looked right at me when he said that. He knows how I am – I dislike going out very much unless I am really up for it and I am surrounded by entertaining people. M was all up for going out and so was N. I was the last to convince. M* said that if he could convince M to go out, then I would go out too. But M corrected him and said, “actually, it’s the other way around. As sad as it sounds, if she goes out then I will. But she’ll still stay home if I go out”. That was when N turned to me and said that she had gotten her “hibernating” ways from me. But c’mon, there’s no place like the comfort of your own room!

Of course, it was all coming back to me; I was the sole decider. Questions were rushing through my mind, and one by one, I was mentally answering them. Should I go out? Yes, because I haven’t gone out in a very very long time and I won’t be going out for many many more months. Will I enjoy being at the bar with them? Can I picture myself having fun? Yes, I like them. They’re very entertaining. But I feel tired, it seems exhausting to go home and then to come back out again. Yeah, but look at M and N, they look so excited about going out. Think about how much fun it will be to hang out with them. Just relax, you need to relax. Go out and just try something new. But my budget for this whole week is 20$ and I’ve already just spent $16 on pizza, I don’t have money.

That was when M* offered to pay for me if I didn’t like this “new” drink that just came out. I told him that I don’t even like drinking at all so there wasn’t any point in going out. He told me that he would pay for it. Well that solved my problem. Seeing all of the excitement and buzz reminded me of that feeling of excitement I had those two or three times when I was out and actually enjoying myself. So, reluctantly, I agreed. We were to disband and wait for a text from M* to regroup at P* in about an hour or so.

It has been an hour so far, so I expect a text will becoming very soon. What was the point of this post? Well while M and I were walking home, I brought up how it was just so strange, and yet, so neat, how things work out. We expected today to be of the low-key kind. It was dreary out, snow and slush everywhere, all we wanted was an early dinner and to watch a tear-jerker tonight. Instead, we ran into some people who would never come to mind, invited them to have dinner with us, and then have them invite us out for a couple of drinks. Isn’t it strange how things work out? So so so very strange indeed. We would have never guessed that our day would turn out like how it did. Funny how one things leads to another, which in turn leads to another, and by the end of it, you’re looking back to all that has happened, and you’re wondering how you even got here in the first place.

All I know is, I am grateful for surprises and unexpected acquaintances.

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