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Unrequited Thoughts

April 23, 2012

January 15th, 2012 2:46pm

Have you really looked into someone’s eyes before? I mean really; have you really just poured into that task?

I have. In fact, I’ve done it many times before, but this time was different – it was different somehow. This time, when I was staring into your eyes, I forgot everything. I finally felt what it was like to get lost in someone’s eyes.

I stared and stared. I looked into your eyes and forgot that I was even looking at you. I was fascinated by your eyes: the colour, the pigmentation, the way it glowed and sparkled. I was looking into you.

Surely, you looked back into my eyes, but this, I did not notice. I did not know anything else but your eyes.

I did not think anything else but your eyes.

You said something and then looked away. That was when I finally noticed that I was staring too hard. That was when I finally noticed what I had done.

I had reached out to you, but you had not reached out to me. I had tried to understand you, but you did not understand me. I had tried to stop time, but you had not try to for me.

Unrequited Thoughts.

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