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A Letter to a Dear One

May 18, 2012

Something I wrote for a friend about a month ago. Please click here: A Letter to a Dear One, to hear me read the letter out loud.

“A Letter to a Dear One”

The horizon is blank.

Rain comes. – It stops before it falls to the ground;

All is quiet;

Then a thunderstorm of rage is brought on.

The melancholy of the wind comes after; and

Sadness overwhelms nature’s breath

I say that time will make things better.

You say, I know; – I know.

My Dearest, dearest Friend,

I wish I knew how to make things better. I wish I could swoop into this Shakespearian tragedy and be the hero that saves all but herself. I wish I could offer you more than just words – more than verbal words, more than written words.

My darling, I wish I could make all of the bad things go away. I wish that I could tell you with certainty that everything will okay. I wish that life didn’t, all at once, throw at you as many lemons as it did. What’s more, I wish I was there when life was doing all of the throwing of the lemons; I wish I was there to catch them before they hit you.

My best friend, I wish I was there all the time – to make you smile, to make you cry out of happiness, and not out of sadness. I wish I could hold your hand until I really knew in my heart that you were going to be okay. I wish that you wouldn’t tell me that you’re okay just to make me feel better.

My dearest, I wish that life would spread the wealth of misfortune that it has bestowed upon you. I wish that I could tell life to give you a break.

My other half, I wish I could pull you away from all of the unhappiness and suffering. I wish I could teach you how to remove yourself from all of the unhappiness and suffering.

And finally, my bumblebee, I wish I could buy you a house and be your gardener; now wouldn’t that be lovely.

I will keep on wishing until all of my wishes come true.

Your friend,



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