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Just My Luck

June 28, 2012

I’ve always expected that my luck would run out eventually. When it came time to checking my final mark for the Logic class I took in May, I thought, Well, this is it; this is where my luck runs out. But it turned out that I did pretty well in Logic. So my luck is still keeping me afloat.

There have been many times when I have thought, Well this is it; this is where my luck runs out. But time and time again, I’ve always seemed to pull through. I, of course, attribute this to luck. After all, I could be as prepared as can be, but there are just some things that are not under my control (i.e., the weather, the temperance of the person marking my paper…).

I also attribute much of my success to my lucky charms. You see, on the days when I need extra luck, I wear ALL of my lucky charms… and perform all of the necessary… rituals. I make sure that I am wearing the “heart of the ocean” necklace my Dad made for me when I was eight (naturally because Titanic was my favourite movie). I make sure that I am wearing the sapphire ring my mother gave me, and make sure that I am wearing the bracelet with my brother’s name engraved on it. You see, I’m a big believer in lucky charms. So much so that during those couple of days when I was so nervous about my Logic mark, I started carrying Teddy around with me in my bag. And who’s Teddy? Well, he’s my Teddy Bear! I’ve had him ever since my brother was born. Actually, he belonged to my brother. But after the incident where my brother amputated one of Teddy’s legs, I decided that it was Dr. Ta to the rescue and took Teddy under my care. During those days when I was carrying Teddy around with me in my bag, I took great care to hide him away from the world. After all, I didn’t want anyone thinking, “Who is this crazy girl??”. But you know what? Teddy has always come through for me! And you know another what? I am sure that everyone has that one crazy thing, whether it’s an object or a routine they must go through, that they use for luck!

I’ve always told people that I consider myself to be very lucky. Why? Because I have been presented with the best of opportunities. Sounds corny right? But it goes beyond this. You see, out of everyone in my extended family, I am the only child (of the Y Generation) who was born in Vietnam and was brought over to North America. You can only imagine what this could mean for a Vietnamese girl.

I used to take this for granted; I never really valued it until about two or three years ago, right around the time when I was “reevaluating” my life. I guess it all started around the time when my family and I went back to Vietnam for a 1-month vacation in the summer of 2009. I remember four of my girl cousins surrounding me, telling me that they would trade lives with me any day. One of them even told me that she wished she was me.

Now, three years later, one of them has a child who is chronically sick, another one has a divorce tucked under her belt,  the one who is younger than me by a year dropped out of school and was forced to get married because she got pregnant, and the last one… is doing God knows what. And me? Well I’m here, sitting on a leather love seat, in the living room of my beautiful North American home, with rows of pot lights shining over me, clicking on the keys of my MacBook Pro, typing away on my blog.

Sounds glamourous huh?

So I consider myself very lucky. Just like how I considered myself very lucky when I not only passed Logic, but did well on it… or how I passed my Driving test today, on my first try, when others usually take a couple tries… or how I always somehow make friends wherever I go….

When I was in grade five, my parents went to a fortune teller who told them that I was a child well endowed with luck. My parents took that the wrong way and figured that I would somehow win them the lottery. But after a few no-win lottery tickets, they quickly gave up hope. But now, I know what that fortune teller really meant, and you know what? I think she’s right.

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