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Picture Shoes

July 3, 2012

So today, I was standing on the corner of St. George and Bloor Street (across from the Bata Shoe Museum), waiting for my friend, F, when a man in his fifties approached me.

At first, I thought he was lost. After all, he did look very much like a tourist with his sunglasses and his camera strap around his neck. I opened my ears and listened to him attentively.

Man (with an accent): Excuse me, you have very nice shoes. Do you mind if I take a picture of them with the shoe museum in the background?

Tina (smiling): Oh hum… Haha….

Man: It’s just that with the picture of the museum itself, it looks very plain. I want a creative picture! Maybe just raise your leg a bit… perhaps rest your leg on this pole (he points to the pole).

Tina: Oh well, that’s a weird question, but okay? Haha…. (She proceeds to the pole and raises her leg at a 45 degrees angle).

(The man snaps the picture on his camera.)

Man: Thank you!

Tina: Oh haha, you’re welcome. (She begins to walk away.)

Man: What’s your name?

Tina: Um… Tina (still walking away).

(The man smiles and turns the camera in Tina’s direction. She briefly glances at it and smiles and walks away.)

Tina (thinking in her head): That was the strangest thing! He took a picture of me entirely! I thought he was just going to take a picture of my shoes…. That was so weird. I hope he’s not going to do something weird with it…. I guess this is why mom tells me to stay away from strangers….

The culprit

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