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Young Love (pt. 2)

August 5, 2012

“But the most important thing I like about him, is the way he makes me smile when he smiles”

Doesn’t the idea of having a crush on someone seem oh so lovely? At least, that was the way it seemed when I didn’t have a crush on anybody; but now that I do have a crush on somebody, the whole thing just seems oh so tragic.

Tragic I tell you, tragic!

But it basically goes the same way with all of the grand ideas I have. At first, they always seem so great – what a great idea! But it’s only after when the idea gets carried out that everything goes down the drain; like that time when I had the idea that we could totally move all of the stuff from our old apartment into our new apartment…all by ourselves.

It’s funny to say that, at this age, I can still have a crush on someone… but I assure you, you can have crushes at any age! Besides, I can’t very well use the word “like”; it’s just not the same as crushcrush has some connotations that come along with it. “Liking” someone just seems so boring. But “crushing”! Crushing seems funalive, romantic.  And that’s exactly how it feels!

Anyway, I can’t tell you his name or even the letter it begins with because it may be too obvious to some people who read my blog. But I can assure you that he has the most beautiful smile a girl has ever seen. Beautiful!

Allow me to tell you a story about smiles. On Friday night, after the weekly frisbee game, the frisbee crew and I went out to dinner. A and E had left earlier during the game, leaving me to be the only girl among twelve or thirteen boys. At dinner, the group reduced to a more sizable manner and I was one among six boys. So anyway, at one point during dinner, we were watching the olympic games when Michael Phelps flashed onto the screen. It was a rerun of a race where he had just won the gold. After the race, a news reporter came onto the screen and Michael was diligently answering her questions.

What they had originally asked me was somewhat inappropriate so I will rephrase it and say that they basically asked me, “You like him don’t you? That’s your man! Phelps!”

I said, “Well I think he’s cute bu-”

B/M said, “All of the girls at my school think he’s got the body and Ryan Lochte has the face”

ST said, “Well yea, that’s because underbites aren’t as attractive as overbites”

I said, “Really? Do you really think so? I don’t think so. I think it depends.”

ST said earnestly, “I wasn’t aware that underbites was popularly conceived as being beautiful.”

I said, “Well, I don’t know. I think Phelps is cute, but he’s not my type.” (Actually, I am revising this. I think he could potentially be my type. I don’t even know if I have a type! I have crushes going on all over the place!)

I think that after I said that, they said, “Well then, what is your type?”

I said, “You know what I look for? The smile. The smile is the first thing I see; the eyes come after. If he’s got a beautiful smile, I can’t but help myself! You know, someone once told me that when I walk into a room, I light it up with my smile! (I beamed as I was saying this.) Of course, he was a really good friend, so maybe he felt obliged to say it… but I really think he meant it!”

Well anyway, the whole point of my telling you this story is that I love smiles. I love it when strangers on the street smile to me, I love it when my friends smile to me, I love it when babies smile! Because when these things happen, they make me smile, and I love that feeling.

And the boy that I have a crush on, oh how he has the most wonderful smile! You should see the text messages I sent to my best friend SY, but I can’t show you them because they are too… descriptive. They were funny though; all describing how lovely his smile is. But I can tell you what happened on Thursday while I was with SY.

We were sitting at Aroma, she drinking her ice-cold drink, I eating my food.

I said, “You don’t get it. He has the most beautiful smile; I wish you could see it. Oh and his voice. Oh boy, his voice is the most beautiful sound that can pass through a girl’s ear.”

She laughed.

I said, “Seriously! The way his lips part, and his eyes sparkle! He has such a wonderful smile. Heavenly!”

She giggled.

I said, “I was just imagining it now. You don’t get it! The first week after I met him, I kept imagining his smile. ”

She said in a mocking tone, “I get it. He has a wonderful, heavenly smile.”

I said, “Exactly!”

Anyway, I know a bit more this time around for Young Love, pt. 2. (Note, if you have not read my Young Love, pt. 1, you will not understand what I will be referencing to next. Click here to read it.)

  1. I have made a conscious effort not to give him anything: no gum, no candies, and especially no cookies!
  2. No being motherly. I don’t know why I’m always so motherly when I start liking someone. I suddenly fuss over little things that only a mother would fuss over. Do I really think that acting like a mother will suddenly turn on the switch inside and make him fall head-over-heels for me? Well, I guess Freud would think so. “Zip up your jacket or you’ll catch a cold dear!”
  3. I need to stop calling everyone “dear”, “honey”, “sweetie”, “darling”…”sugar pie”…. Again, I need to stop being so motherly.
  4. I can’t think of anymore.

So in summary, yes, I do have a crush on someone right now. No, you can’t know his name! Yes, he has a charming smile. No, he’s probably not Mr. Perfect. Yes, I could just stare at him forever. No, things probably won’t work out for us. But yes, I’d like to think that it would.

But the most important thing I like about him, is the way he makes me smile when he smiles.

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  1. August 6, 2012 10:49 pm

    Aww… I remember those days of having a “crush.” I love that feeling of fresh, young love. I remember having those butterflies that almost makes me feel like I’m invincible. It’s an amazing feeling and you should definitely enjoy his smile. What’s not to love ? You’ll eventually know, but enjoy it while it lasts!

    • August 7, 2012 7:47 pm

      Yes exactly! Those butterflies are definitely flying around in my stomach! It feels like I’m in kindergarten again. 🙂

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