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The Craziness in All of Us

August 13, 2012

I think I find myself way too amusing. I’m not joking. Lately I’ve been having many of what I call, “amusing bouts”. I am always smiling or giggling to myself… which you could imagine, scares people a little.

Usually it starts off with me listening to a killer song on my ipod while walking on the street; a song that gets me thinking and floating on cloud nine. It’s usually sunny out, but my amusing bouts still come round when the clouds roll in. Oh yes, my amusing bouts often come when I am carrying an umbrella and there is heavy wind. Next, a grin is triggered by a funny thought or the fact that I almost tripped over a rock.

You can just imagine how I must look to people walking by. Here is this girl walking towards you with the biggest grin on her face. I’d imagine that I look creepy. So anyway, it’s when I start to realize that I must look somewhat crazy that I start trying to hide my smile… which naturally, makes it even worse. It’s always the case that when I realize how crazy I must look that I find myself even more amusing.

That person’s looking at you weird. Stop smiling. Stop it. Stop it. Okay, just wait until they pass you. STOP IT! Gosh, this is so amusing! You’re so amusing!

Sometimes I try to cover my smile by rubbing my nose. Other times, I turn my head away and flip my hair. But most of the time, and I especially do this in close proximity with people, I run my tongue over my teeth.

When I feel my mouth opening up into a smile and I find myself in a situation where a smile would be inappropriate, I pretend that I am actually “cleaning” my teeth with my tongue. And after that moment passes, I go into my corner and start giggling like a little girl.

No joke, it’s all real. When I trip while crossing the street, I giggle. Why? Because I’m imagining what others must have seen, and I can’t help but laugh. When I somehow made a reservation for 15 people when there were barely 8 and everyone made fun of me for it, I laughed. Why? Because I find myself amusing!

I think that it is truly essential that everyone laughs at themselves every now and then. Giggle because you had a silly thought! Laugh because you tripped right infront of your crush. Grin because you had a mischievous thought!

Laugh at yourself and don’t be afraid to look crazy… because you know what? Craziness is in all of us; some of us just know how to bring it out better than others.

PS. Today, while I was in Aroma, I was watching this video and just couldn’t help but laugh really loudly….


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