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August 18, 2012

I used to think that the best thing in the world was having someone smile at you. Of course, I still definitely think that now. You know when you’re walking on the street and a stranger smiles at you and suddenly, you think to yourself, “Wow, I feel so great now!”? That’s such a lovely feeling.

Honestly, I love smiling. Well, I mean who doesn’t? But seriously, I really, really love smiling. Sometimes, I just smile at myself in the mirror, that’s how much I love doing it. What’s more, I love it when people smile at me because almost instantly, I can feel the corners of my mouth lifting themselves to my ears. Sometimes I smile for no reason… other times, I smile for the wrong reasons. I can’t help it! It’s a reflex! A reflex to what? A reflex to everything!

So anyway, I noticed something today. I noticed that I am extremely attracted to people who smile a lot… and especially to people who have radiant smiles. I’m not kidding. It’s almost as if I will everyone else to part like the seven seas just so I can make a direct bee-line to that smiling person. When I see a beautiful smile, all I want to do is drop everything so I can watch that person smile 24/7.

I just remembered something I said to my roommate back in first year in college when I was head-over-heels over this one boy. It went a little something like this (of course, it received quite a few “likes” when she quoted me on her Facebook page later that day):

Sometimes, I wish I could drop out of school just so I could think about him 24/7.

And I am sure that his smile had something to do with my wanting to drop out of school.

I also realized today that maybe the “crush” that I currently have on this other boy is based solely on his beautiful smile… and voice… and the way he makes me smile. But this, I have to think over some more.

Have you ever had those moments when you just look into someone’s eyes, or watch them flash you a smile, and you… just feel this wonderful connection? Some kind of radiating energy that pulses between the two of you. It’s almost like the feeling of suspense when someone stops speaking mid-sentence. That feeling is such a wonderful one.

I’ve always loved making people smile. It gives me such a warm feeling inside; nothing makes me happier than smiling at someone and having it reciprocated. In addition to smiling, I love to smirk, grin, and beam! Oh, and don’t forget laughing! I love to laugh! Like I told my roommate, M, I must have gigantic tear ducts because once you get me laughing for just 5 seconds, tears start rolling down my cheeks! Sometimes, even the muscles in my tummy-wummy start hurting, but that’s a great feeling.

So to conclude, I love to smile and laugh… and smirk, and grin, and beam! Everyone who knows me already knows that; I just can’t help but show my pearly teeth! And I am extremely attracted to those who smile a lot… which is a problem; I never know if I actually like that person or if I just love looking at him smiling. This actually happens a lot. Sometimes, random smiling faces would pop into my head (sounds kind of crazy now that I say that out loud), which consequently, would make me burst out giggling or at the very least, make me smile. And when this happens when I’m walking on the street, people usually think I’m smiling at them, so they’ll flash me back a smile. And when I see them smile, it makes me smile! You see the whole process now? Oh smiles!

This is what I like to think I look like when I’m smiling/laughing:

But of course, I usually look like this:

…when I’m beaming.

…when I’m laughing at a joke (usually one that I made myself).

…when I’m “smiling” at a stranger.

You know, there was a reason why they called me E.T. throughout middle school. I think it had something to do with the crinkles on my face when I laugh….

(PS. Yes, I did spend about ten minutes laughing at all of the pictures that showed up under the google search: “Jim Carey laughing”. Gosh I love him!)

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