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You belong with me (strikethrough) us

November 16, 2012

This story can only be told through a series of pictures. See below.

And this was how it all started….

Many more text messages in between about strategies that we should use on the morning of Friday, November 16th to beat the fourteen-year-olds to the chase.

Tickets go on sale 10 am EST.

After refreshing what seemed like a gazillion times…


I’m not a robot!!!!!! Robots don’t love Taylor Swift like I do!!

…waiting, waiting, waiting….

WHAT??!! NO!!!

Damn those fourteen-year-olds and their super fast internet providers!!


Five minutes and 34 seconds later…

Just chilling in the background with our sign, nbd.


That is all I have to say today. 6pm June 15th, here we come!!!


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