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My One and Only Love: Classical Music

February 20, 2013

I have never been in love, but when I hear this piece, it feels like I have been in love a thousand times over. How can the world be ugly when there exists such beautiful music as this?

The first time I heard this piece was on the New Classical Music Station (96.3 FM). Actually, I only heard the first 3o seconds of the piece for it was the opening tune of a nightly segment called, “Nocturne.” I heard this opening every night and though I always made a mental note to look up the title of the piece, I never did – that is, until today. I’m in the library right now and let me tell you, it is very hard to concentrate on this paper that I am currently writing for my Jewish Studies class when I am listening to this piece. I literally have to pause every minute and remind myself to breathe.

The elaborate rifts that build up to the climax are superb. And oh gosh, the opening slurs of the first part of the Adagio movement lifts me up to the heavens. The dynamics just kill me! Honestly, listen to it and tell me that you’ve heard something more beautiful. You won’t be able to! We study the likes of Mozart, Beethoven, and Haydn in class, but my question is: why isn’t Rachmaninoff on that list? I can honestly say that he is my favourite composer. Seriously, if I were to die right now, I think I would be very content, and that’s coming from a girl who is writing her Jewish studies paper in a University library.

The guy across from me must think I’m the strangest person. The first time I listened to this piece all the way through, I must have sighed ten times; I even cried a little. I am not even kidding. At one point, I even thought to myself, I don’t care if I never fall in love. I don’t care if nothing good ever happens to me. As long as I can sit and listen to this piece over and over, I will be happy forever. Forever!!!

Then I laughed out loud, and the guy across from me gave me a weird look.

Ugh, the piece is so good that I feel like ripping my heart out now just so I can stop feeling this way… so in love. When I die, this piece is going to be played at my funeral. Seriously.

(What an interesting coincidence that the conductor of this current recording is Vladimir Ashkenazy…. I am currently writing a paper on the literature of the Ashkenazi Jews…. Parts 1 and 2 of the Adagio movement are listed below!)

That's right. I love this piece so much, I even liked my own post. Well, then again, I'm so vain, I would like all of my posts.

That’s right. I love this piece so much, I even liked my own post. Well, then again, I’m so vain, I would like all of my posts.


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