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Say Yes to the Dress Boys

February 23, 2013

I just got home from a night “out” with the frisbee boys (click here to learn more about said boys) and boy was it fun! Shout outz to my home girls M and L who made special guest appearances.

It’s been about two months since I last saw them, and since we were all on reading break this week, I decided that it was high time that we saw each other again. Plus, I wanted to go eat at Kai Chi –  the Korean restaurant that was our “hot spot” during the summer – and no one else had wanted to come with me.

I arrived 15 minutes early and perched myself directly in the middle of the table. I hadn’t planned on arriving early, but it was freezing outside and I had nowhere to go. But anyway, it worked to my advantage. Throughout the dinner, I was able to turn my head right and left and participate in the conversations of both ends of the table.

They refused to stay still for my Panorama shot. Curse them!

They refused to sit still for my Panorama shot. Curse them!

As I carefully sipped my hot spicy red soup – for fear of ruining my beautiful white t-shirt – I listened to the boys chat excitedly about the computer game they were all playing: “League of Legends.” (I’m surprised that I still remember the name.) The whole dinner was literally games, games, and more games. But I didn’t mind. In fact, I found it very amusing. I wasn’t so much laughing at what they were saying as I was giggling at how excited they all seemed.

Boys, what can you do with them?

After dinner, we went to J’s house and chilled around. Usually, the board games would be pulled out, but not tonight. Tonight, the tele was on! While some of the guys were in a room playing video games, the rest of us watched the Food Network…. Well, that was until I got my hands on the remote control! I flipped through the channels and when I discovered that there wasn’t any thing great on the tele, I settled on TLC; Say Yes to the Dress was on.

“Guys! Guys! You guys should watch this! You need to know what you’re getting yourselves into! Bride-zillassssssss!!!”

The guys moaned, but they did it in such a way that it seemed like they were actually really interested in watching it. (What a girl thing to say.)

“Well, I can change the channel if you guys want…” I said.

That was when S said something along the lines of “No! I want to see what dress she picks!” Of course, he said it mockingly, but again, he did it in such a way that it seemed like they all actually wanted to watch the show but just didn’t want to admit it.

So for the next 30 minutes, we watched one girl after another cry, scream, whine, and laugh as she picked out “the one.” Honestly, watching the boys’ reactions was even funnier than watching the show itself. I guess it didn’t help that I kept throwing them scary comments like, “EVERY GIRL DREAMS OF HER WEDDING SINCE SHE WAS FIVE. YOU HAVE TO GIVE HER WHAT SHE WANTS!” even though that’s not technically true. I think I’ve only ever thought about my wedding twice (though I think of Mr. Right about five times a day… on average.)

Here are some of my favourite lines that I heard tonight from the boys:

“What is the difference between all of those dresses? They all look the same!”


“YOU CAN RENT DRESSES? I knew you could rent tuxes because guys don’t give a shit, but you can rent dresses?!”

“Why can’t you just buy used dresses?”

“What’s the difference between eggshell and white? All I see is white, white, and white.”

“When they try on the dresses… do they like fill in the… boob area with some material…?”

“Who are all of those people with the bride?? Are they like extras on the show?”

“Where are all the guys?”

“What’s the opposite of bride again? Oh yah, groom.”

And my personal favourite:

“Guys never think about their weddings,” said one of the guys.

Then he turns to another one and says, “Do you ever think of your wedding?”

“Nah man.”

Pretty much sums up their reactions.

Pretty much sums up the guys’ reactions.

As M and I were sighing at how beautiful “that” dress looked on “that” girl, I said, “I like this dress better even though it sort of looks like the first one she tried on. Actually, I think this dress is poofier.”

To that, J said, “That’s like a girl saying, ‘My hair has more volume today.'”

And that’s when I realized that some guys really just don’t care at all. Honestly, girls just try too hard sometimes. Like I like to say to my girlfriends:

“Before I turned 18, my mom never allowed me to wear makeup unless it was a special occasion. So when I left for university, I gave the whole makeup thing a try. But then I got really lazy – like really lazy. And now, I can’t even bring myself to put on mascara for even special occasions. The thing is, I want the guy to know what he’s getting himself into. I want him to know that it can’t get any worse than this baby!”

(Side note: Boys, did you know that when you start dating a girl, often times, she will actually fret over when she should expose her makeup-free face to you? That’s crazy! This also reminds me of a conversation I had with my cousin last weekend. She’s in grade ten and she lamented over the fact that she hates how she has to put on makeup everyday. But she can’t stop because she doesn’t want people thinking that she’s ugly because she looks different without makeup on. Honestly, I feel bad for her, but all I can say is, I’m glad my mom had the “no makeup before 18” rule.)

Back to Say Yes to the Dress. I told the guys that they should watch the show carefully because “this is what you’re getting yourselves into!” I said, “You guys should pay attention! We’re only crazy because of you guys. All of this is for you! The girls want to look beautiful for their husbands-to-be. Derrrrrrrrr.”

I was actually really surprised to see them watching with such keen interest. I think they were just plain fascinated.

The show ended and a commercial came on and informed us that another episode of Say Yes to the Dress was coming up next.

“OH. MY. GOD. It’s a marathon!!” one of the boys said sarcastically.

“OK, I get the message! We’ll watch something else” I said.

That was when we changed the channel back to the food network.

Boys, what can you do with them? 

All they want to do is eat.

And play video games.

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