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Studying the Morning, Afternoon, and Night Away

March 3, 2013

I have been studying like crazy for my second Greek midterm that I have this Wednesday. All of Friday and Saturday morning were spent reading about the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars among other things Greek-related. All of Saturday afternoon, evening, and TODAY were spent writing up notes. I’ve managed to cover all of the textbook stuff… now, onto the lecture notes.

But first, a break. My right hand is stuck in what seems like a permanent clenched/claw-like position. No writing for the next 30 minutes while I watch the latest episode of New Girl! Ah, the problems of being a student. You more often than not end up with a clenched/claw-like fist and a hunched back by the end of the night. Can you say Hunchback of Notre-Dame?

One of my favourite episodes in the series!

Chandler with a claw-like fist after playing Ms. Packman all day.

And here is the funniest scene from the same episode as the one above – easily one of the funniest scenes from the whole series!

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