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A “Holy Crap!!” Moment

March 6, 2013

OK – I just had the biggest “HOLY CRAP!!” moment in my life – a moment where I actually yelled out “HOLY CRAP!!” and almost fell out of my chair. Literally. I always had these moments in my head, but never had I yelled out “HOLY CRAP!!” – that is, until today. I think this may be bigger than that time when I realized what my purpose in life was.

Just like Anne, I'm always imagining myself into things.

Just like Anne, I’m always imagining myself into things.

So every one who knows me well knows that Anne of Green Gables is just about my most favourite movie & book series ever. I like it even more than Forrest Gump and that says something! I mean, even the tagline of this blog is “The Musings of an Anne-of-Green-Gables-like 20-year-old.” I wish I were Anne, and I think in some ways, we are very similar. So much so that one of my friends once told me that when she read the book, she heard my voice…. (Creepy…?) I think mostly, I just wish my life were that simple and… rustic.

So anyway, I was on Kevin Sullivan’s website — I was trying to find his rendition of Mozart’s The Magic Flute — and I had a billion revelations. Seriously.

First: that there is a FOURTH Anne of Green Gables movie! It’s called “Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning.” However, the movie is not based on the books written by Lucy Maud Montgomery — “Maud” as she liked to be called –and moreover, it doesn’t have the same actors! I don’t think I’m going to check it out; it’ll just ruin things for me. Although Shirley McLean is in it, and I absolutely loved her in Terms of Endearment.

Then, while I was perusing the website, I realized that many of the sites they used for filming the movie are places I know of and visit ALMOST EVERY DAY. Seriously!! I’m still trying to get over it right now. Did you know that only about 5% of the film was shot in Prince Edward Island? Many scenes were shot in Ontario!

I googled map this place. I live 500m away from this gorgeous place. Can you BELIEVE that? God I'm so fortunate.

I google-mapped this place. I live 500m away from this gorgeous house. Can you BELIEVE that? God I’m so fortunate. I am so getting married at this place.

For example, the scenes of Anne and Diana at Miss Josephine Berry’s house was filmed at the Spadina House (now called the Spadina Museum), which is literally down the street from where I currently live. Can you believe that?? I am still in shock. Why didn’t I recognize it in the movie?? Probably because I was too into the story to notice it. I live down the street from where Anne was!! Or well, where Megan Follows was.

The site of Queen’s Academy where Anne goes to get her teaching degree was filmed at Victoria College in the University of Toronto. If you watch this clip below, you will see one of the buildings I walk by literally every day for class. What?? Crazy!!

In fact, I just took a picture of the building earlier today even before I knew all of this! But the picture was for another post that I am currently writing. See below for the picture. (Other University of Toronto sites in the movie include Convocation Hall and University Hall. I have class in University Hall every week! I am so going to be raving about this to my friends for the next long while.)

This is a really bad picture. I was actually trying to take a picture of the white sign on the window (for another post I'm writing). I promise I'll take a better picture next time.

This is a really bad picture. I was actually trying to take a picture of the white sign on the window (for another post I’m writing). I promise I’ll take a better picture next time. Nonetheless, you’ll recognize the column in this picture as the same one in the movie!

Then after watching the video clip and doing more perusing on the Sullivan site, I saw a little post called “Sullivan Stars: Marilyn Lightstone.” I thought, No…. It can’t be! Is it? It is! 

Marilyn Lightstone is just about one of my most favourite people in the world. Or well, she’s my favourite radio show host. (Second is John Tesh of the Tesh Radio Show.) You see, every night, at 11 pm, I always listen to her radio show called, “Nocturne” on the New Classical Music Station (96.3 FM). If you click here, you can read a brief post I wrote about it. She is AMAZING. So when I discovered that she was Miss Stacy in Anne of Green Gables, I almost fell out of my chair. Seriously. How did I miss the connection before?? Lightstone is incredible. She always reads a beautiful poem in between pieces. What’s more, Nocturne is my favourite radio segment. It always plays beautiful, wonderful, elegant, lovely, heart-wrenching, moving (enter in all the positive adjectives here) pieces. When it’s dark out, and it’s the end of the night, and you’re listening to Lightstone and her light voice… honestly, it’s just so peaceful. I often fall asleep (in a good way) listening to her radio show. I feel like I know Lightstone personally just by listening to her on the radio every night. I feel like I know Miss Stacy now! Miss Stacy is the kind of teacher I want to be. Man, I want to call into the radio station now and tell her about this revelation I have made.

So yep. Those were the revelations I made today. I mean, they weren’t “life” revelations per se… but you know I’ll be e-mailing all of my friends after I write this post. I can’t wait to tell all of my friends at school tomorrow!

I can’t believe I’m turning 21 this year. I feel twelve. In fact, that’s what I get a lot: “What are you? Twelve??”

Text Message Exchange

Text Message Exchange

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