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1/2 ’til 21

March 10, 2013

21st Birthday

It’s official. I’m 20.5 years old today. Man, I remember it like it was just yesterday when I was 11.5 years old, spending the hours after school, sprawled on the couch, reading books like Star Girl and Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. How time flies…. Remember when we used to celebrate half-birthdays as kids?? When you would go around the playground declaring to all of your friends that it was your half-birthday and they would make you mud pies (literally)? Or when your best friend announced that today was her half-birthday, and you would congratulate her for being that much older?? Now the half-birthdays are gone and all you get is a card on your full-birthday that reads, “You’re that much closer to running out of time and that 95% chance you had at accomplishing your goals just dropped down to 50%.” But anyway, I’m excited to turn 21. I don’t know why; it just seems like such an exciting number — an exciting age to be. Clearly, that’s why I set a countdown to it. 21 is when it’ll all start. By the time I’m 21.75 years old, I’ll be out of school and embarking into the world! Scary, but exciting.

(And yes, my phone home screen is a screen shot of a blog post I wrote almost three years ago. I thought it was an especially powerful post despite the dreadfully misused comma. So sue me!)

Happy Half-Birthday to Me!!

Happy Half-Birthday to Me!!

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