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Melancholia on a Sunny Day

March 10, 2013
Sunny Outside

Man, look how beautiful this tree is outside my window.

It’s so incredibly beautiful out, and I’m stuck inside reading and writing a paper on Freud’s “Mourning and Melancholia.” How awful/boring/sucky/ironic is that?

On the bright side, I finally figured out what was wrong with me this time last year: I was melancholic. Well, I guess that’s not something that you would categorize as looking on the bright side. But honestly, reading Freud’s paper was a synch (and I think writing it won’t be too bad either) because every five seconds, I was thinking, “HEY! I had that last year!” or “Totally can relate to that!” I’ll probably even use myself as an example to better illustrate my points.

And this isn’t one of those self-diagnosing things either! It’s true that when you take psych 100, you start diagnosing yourself with all of these mental illnesses you read about, but it’s not the same in this case. I can prove that I was melancholic last year just by pulling snippets out of my diary. But anyway, it’s all over now. I can’t even fathom being that way ever again. I guess it’s just a relief to finally figure out what was wrong with me last year.

Mourning and Melancholia

4:18 p.m.

♫ Losing him is blue like I’d never known, missing him with dark gr–

Tina (picks up the phone to see that it’s AL calling): Waddapppp

AL: Hey, what are you doing?

Tina: I’m sitting in bed reading; I have a paper to write.

AL: Oh, I thought you were at Robarts and wanted to see if you wanted to take a break.

Tina: Yeah… no. I went to Robarts yesterday, and I hated it so much.

AL: It’s so nice outside man. I just decided to go for a long walk.

Tina: YEAH I KNOW!!! I really want to go out, but I can’t. I have to finish this paper today. I have to write three papers this week. I was so unproductive yesterday. It took me like four hours to read ten pages, and I spent the rest of my time at Robarts blogging and giggling to myself.

AL: Haha. Just come out for an hour.

Tina: I CAN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that’s pretty much how the conversation went. The sad thing is, this paper isn’t even due until March 21st. I’m such a keener.

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