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Good Days and Sunny Days

March 15, 2013

Today was the most incredible day.

My favourite show in the world!

My favourite show in the world!

First, I spent the morning watching Friends (the T.V. show) in bed. I had gotten up, brushed my teeth, and answered all of my e-mails; by the time I was finished, it was only 9:30 a.m. I thought 9:30 was too early to head out to the library so I decided to finish the latter half of the Friends episode I had started yesterday. (I’ve decided to start watching Friends from the very beginning again. This is probably the fourth time I’ve done this.) When that was done, it was 10:14 a.m. Of course, after I was finished with that episode, I was tempted to watch another… and watch another I did! In fact, after that next episode, I watched yet another episode. I kept telling myself, it’s too early to head out! 

At one point, I looked out the window and decided that it was too dreary to go out to the library. I thought, well, I’ll just stay home and write my paper here. I even said it out loud; “OKAY. I’m GOING stay home, and I’m GOING TO DO WORK!” But even as I said it out loud, I didn’t believe that I was actually going to do any work. In fact, I was prepared to have a slummy day in bed even though I knew I HAD to finish my Jewish studies paper today. Still, I couldn’t decide on what to do; I was torn. Eventually, I decided that I would decide on the “going out” manner as soon as I finished another Friends episode. By the time I finished that episode, it was too close to lunch so I thought I would eat lunch at home, while watching Friends of course, and then decide on whether I wanted to go out.

So I had lunch at home while watching Friends.

That was when the sun came out, and I decided that I needed to be proactive. I knew that if I stayed home, I would never get any work done. So I stuffed things into my bag and left for the library. By the time I got there, it was 1:30 p.m. My mom always picks me up on the way home from work on days when I go to the library, so that meant I had until 6:45 p.m. Five hours — I can do this, I thought. Man was I productive! I finished the paper by 5:30 p.m. and that was with breaks. I was so pleased with the fact that I had enjoyed writing the paper immensely (it was on the relations between the Jews and their neighbours during WWII, specifically events leading up to the Jedwabne pogrom in 1941, and the relations between Jews and non-Jews in Canada during the Six Day War in 1967). What’s more, I  felt like it was a solid piece of work; the best part of it all was that I had finished it ahead of schedule!

I looked around and thought about what I was going to do next. I was pretty upset that I could have gone to the ballet after all. I have a membership with the Canadian National Ballet, which enables me to buy any seat in the house for just $30. There was a performance of Romeo and Juliet tonight that I desperately wanted to go see, but alas, I thought that I was not going to have time today and decided against going. Gah! I regret it! Oh well.

I called HZ to see if he wanted to have dinner, but I got his answering machine. Then I called my mom to see what we were planning to have for dinner. Do you want to do Greek tonight? Uh, YES! I have been dying for Greek food ever since I’ve been back in Toronto. So it was decided that around 7:00, the family would come by and pick me up. That left me a little over an hour to do whatever I wanted. I was going to go to the cafeteria in the library and blog but decided that going to the Annex would be way more fun.

Bloor Street is my favourite street in the world. The Annex is just my favourite hangout, especially in the summertime. God, I miss summer.

You can see my shadow.... I was trying to take the picture as I was crossing the street!

You can see my shadow…. I was trying to take the picture as I was crossing the street!

So I went to Midoco (the art supply store) and spent $16 on pens/markers. I loooooooooooooooove stationary. Anybody who really knows me knows that I am obsessed with all things paper/pen related; in fact, my friends always point out to me every time they buy a new pen that’s notable. Really, this obsession is a big problem of mine (although I am much better at managing this problem now). My mom always used to say, “You have enough stationary to open up your own store.” What can I say? A writer needs her pens… and paper!

My latest additions: Pentel Felt markers for writing and underlining notes, and environmentally friendly "Bottles to Pens" Pilot Gel Pens.

My latest additions: Pentel Felt markers for writing and underlining notes, and environmentally friendly “Bottles to Pens” Pilot Gel Pens.

After that, I went to Dollarama and bought cue cards on which I can write my “Thought a Day.” I also bought a bag of sour keys and took a bunch of pictures of the kinds of candy I used to eat as a kid for a blog post I’m writing.

As I left the Dollarama with my bag of sour keys in hand, I thought about where I could go next. I still had about an hour to kill. Where to? I didn’t know, but I started walking east anyway. I decided that I wanted to look for a nice bench to sit on, eat my sour keys, and do some “people watching.” But all the benches faced storefronts and it was just no fun to stare directly into stores, so I decided to head to the corner of Spadina and Bloor. At the corner is a little park named, “Matt Cohen Park.” It has these giant stones that look like dominos on which you can sit. It was perfect.

So I perched myself down and began my people-watching. I was transformed back to the summertime when I sat in the exact spot and waited for my friend MV to meet me for lunch. Most of the things were the same: the sun was out, there were lots of people around, and the hot-dog cart was still metres away from me. But some things were different now: I wasn’t wearing a long flow-y dress but was wrapped snuggly in my winter jacket (which coincidently is also long); my hair no longer whipped in the wind but clung to my scalp tightly in a form of a boyish pixie-cut; and I was no longer that nineteen-year-old girl who was lost at her own directions. In that moment of tranquility, I felt so peaceful and happy. Even as I got up to leave, I kept repeating over and over in my mind: today is such a good day, today is such a good day, today is such a good day, etc. And then I smiled, grinned, and laughed like a fool/crazy person.

Corner of Spadina Avenue and Bloor Street.

Corner of Spadina Avenue and Bloor Street.

And to end this very good day, I had vegetarian Dolmades for dinner. Hooray for good days!

Tomorrow, it’ll be back to the books. For my music project, I’ve “constructed” a poem by taking direct lines out of multiple letters of W. A. Mozart concerning his mother’s death. Right now, I am working on rewriting the Wikipedia page for Anna Maria Mozart. When I finish, I’ll post the link here. I hope every one around the world is having a good day too!

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