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PPLILOVE: Oliver Dam

April 4, 2013

(People I Love is a segment in which I feature one person — on his/her birthday — who is near and dear to my heart. I guess you can say this is an open-birthday card.)

April 4th is Oliver Dam‘s birthday!

Image 13_2

I cannot even begin to explain how much Oliver means to me. Oliver is the kind of person who will be there for you no matter what. Sure, he makes weird jokes, but that’s just makes him all the more charming.

I first met Olive/Ollie/Olivia/Olivera/OhDamn in the 7th grade. My elementary school only went up to grade six, so when grade seven came ’round, I was forced to part ways with my two childhood best friends: Jacklyn and Kim. When I arrived at Lord Lansdowne Public School, I had known exactly one person: JL. We’d known each other for a very long time but just because two people knew each other for a long time didn’t mean they actually knew each other. Besides, she was in another class; it just wouldn’t work out. But I do remember that first day oh-so-clearly: that was the day she introduced me to her group of friends. That group later became that group of girls who were not-so-kind to me. But everything always works out in the end, and one of those girls, M, later became my sister and darling University roommate.

Left to fend for myself at this new school, I eventually became friends with another group of girlsWe were just the best of friends; we had a sisterhood-of-the-travelling-pants thing going on. I don’t remember how I came to meet Oliver, but I do remember how much I loooooovedddd him. Well at least to my twelve-year-old self, it felt like love. Of course, Oliver heartlessly rejected me.

Look at this smile!

Look at this smile!

Haha, just kidding. Well, he did reject me, just not “heartlessly.” I must admit, I went through phases of being so disappointed and angry at him. I’m such a nice girl!! Why doesn’t he like me??!! No one likes me!! No one will ever like me!!! Y’know, all the typical things a teenage girl with glasses and braces would say. I was especially upset when he “went out” with my best-friend-at-that-time LC even though he knew how much I liked him. I remember that day like it was just yesterday. It was at lunch on a Thursday when LC came flying into the candy store across the street from our school with “great news! Oliver just asked me out!!” I felt like crying.

But that’s all water under the bridge now. By the time high school rolled around, my love for Oliver had gradually developed into a platonic love. He was always on msn into the wee hours of the morning willing to chat with me — always there to tell me that I was such a weird person. (In fact, he told me to start watching the T.V. show New Girl because “there’s a girl on the show that reminds me of you.” Of course, he was referring to Zooey Deschanel’s character, Jess — the weird girl.)

I’ll always, always remember how much he believed in me when I didn’t. When I was afraid that I would not get into McGill, he told me, “Yes you can!” When I went up to the podium to receive my Ontario Status of Women award, I looked into the crowd and there he was, smiling and clapping his hands together. When I was puking my guts out on my 20th birthday (classy, I know), he was there to hold my hair back. When I was crying because he and M were leaving Montreal to go back home to Toronto, he told me, “Don’t cry Tina.” When he realized how unhappy I was with where I was in my life back in September, he Skyped with me almost every night. When I needed cheering up, he would send me a song about steak and cheese. Who knows why? It’s so random that it makes me laugh.

Oliver is just that kind of guy. He’s so special. There was a period in my life when I thought I didn’t mean as much to him as he did to me. My problem back then was feeling that I cared too much for people when they didn’t care for me at all. But as I grew older, I began to realize that people have different ways of showing you that they care. Just because they weren’t use my methods to show me that they cared didn’t mean that they didn’t care at all. And with Oliver, I began to realize that he has been there all along — that he has been there to crack me up with his goofy jokes.

Oliver is like a brother to me. I love him to death, and I will always be there for him just like he has always been there for me. We are kindred spirits. On his twenty-first birthday (yay — legal in the U.S.!), I wish him happiness, peace, security, fortune, and all that his heart desires because he truly deserves it.

Honestly, whoever snags him up as a husband is one lucky gal! (This post is an attestation to what a great wing woman I would make.)

Here is something I found in one of my journals about Oliver (of course, only one of the very, VERY many journal entries I’ve written about Oliver):

Oct. 10, 2010 – 2:47pm

Oliver really makes me smile.

I was having a pretty shitty day with all the depressing stuff.

And then at around 10ish, I messaged him just to talk about everything that was on my mind.

I messaged him on msn and we just talked for a couple of mins. They he asked if we could skype instead.

Now I don’t know if he was just lazy to type or what, but it made me kinda smile. Usually, it’s always me asking him to skype not the other way around. It was kinda like a step forward for him.

So we skyped for almost 2 hours. And we just talked and talked.

And he really made it all better.

He made me giggle so many times in ways that probably no one can.

And I loved it.

At one point, he made me say so good every time he said steak and cheese.

I seriously thought that it was one of those trick of the words thing where they make you say something and you read off the words really quickly and blah blah.

But after a while, I said so… what is the point to this?

He said, I’m making a song about steak and cheese and that was the chorus.

LOL. I giggled for like hours and he said, why are you laughing?


You know, oliver’s just that kinda guy.

He listens and he makes you laugh.

And he tries to make it better and just because he tries, it really does make it all better.

So thanks oliver. Every time I think of the steak and cheese thing, I can’t help but smile to myself.


And that makes a world of a difference.

I'm always enamoured by Oliver.

I’m always enamoured by Oliver (September 9th, 2012).

Two of my favourite Vietnamese people in the world -- brother and sisters forever! (Oliver, Me, Marlena September 8th, 2012)

Two of my favourite Vietnamese people in the world — brother and sisters forever! (Oliver, Me, Marlena September 8th, 2012)

And I think the cutest part of it all is that we have pet names for each other. I call him “turtle” because he loves turtles. He calls me “fat kat” because… well, I can’t exactly remember why. He once explained it to me but now it escapes my memory. Perhaps it had something to do with Garfield?

No. Not Andrew Garfield, Garfield the orange cat!


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  1. April 4, 2013 1:11 am

    hahahhaha i laughed so much! love this! and him! ….and yah u too..

    • April 4, 2013 9:20 am

      Why did you laugh…. It wasn’t meant to be funny…. It was meant to be endearing…. Did you laugh because I wrote about how painful it was when he rejected me…? HAHA.

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