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April 9, 2013

So here I am again typing away on one of those Dell desktops you always see in university libraries. The girl beside me looks like she has been here overnight. Seriously. Already at 11 a.m., there were four coffee cups on her desk.

I surreptitiously took this photo while she away. **Note: a couple of hours after I took this photo, the number of bottles on her desk has multipled.

I surreptitiously took this photo while she away. **Note: a couple of hours after I took this photo, the number of bottles on her desk has multipled.

I got here at around 11 a.m. and managed to finish two papers in about 3 hours. Not bad given that one was “Freud on Dostovoesky” and the other was “Freud on Women.” I actually found them quite easy to write and surprisingly enjoyed writing them. What has happened to me??! Freud is such a crazy guy, but I find a lot of what he says super interesting and thought-provoking. Also, he’s a pretty funny guy (although I don’t think he intends to be).  I’ve written “Haha” beside a lot of passages in my book. I’ll upload them onto my blog once the semester is over.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve been taking it too easy. I mean, given that it’s exam season, I should be pulling out the sweat pants and putting my social life on hold right? But I’m not, and trust me when I say this: that’s extremely strange for me. When it comes to school, I’m usually found in a corner somewhere buried under books. I ignore my text messages and phone-calls even MORE SO than usual. The only way to contact me, really, is via e-mail. Exam season is just the worst. I make lists after lists and totally stress myself out.

This semester though, I’ve tried to change things up a little. A couple of weeks ago, I got a special offer in the mail that peaked my interest. Wow! $15 for any seat in the theatre? And it’s a play that’s making its way to Broadway! Needless to say, I just couldn’t resist. So M and I are going to see the play THIS tomorrow. Tonight, I’m going to see a Mozartean Opera, The Magic Flute. I’m incredibly excited. The best part of it all is that it’ll be in English. Finally, I don’t have to keep looking back and forth between the opera singers and the little screen above them that translates what they’re singing into English. Phew!

It’s weird that inspite of taking things so easy lately, I’m been managing to study well enough. I spent all of last Friday reading and writing at the local coffee-shop. Then I went out for OD’s birthday. Saturday and Sunday were spent doing my Greek readings, but I still managed to squeeze in a movie and go to my Aunt’s birthday party. I’ve worked out the most incredible routine. Wake up, run, library 11-6:30, dinner, free-time, movie/T.V., sleep. Just 13 more days and I’ll be free!! FREE!! Free like the wind! Well, for three weeks, then it’ll be summer school. But I don’t mind. I actually enjoy taking summer school, isn’t that weird? And besides, I’m taking Canadian Literature and Developmental Psychology. Who doesn’t want to read literature during the summer? The way I see it, it’s perfect timing.

Anyway, my Freud exam is next Wednesday, music exam is next Thursday, and my Greek exam is the following Monday. Greek is the only one I’m really worried about because there is just too much material and not enough time in between the exams to go over them. Wish me luck everybody! At the pace I’m going, I’ll need all the luck I can get. But in spite of everything, in spite of all the worry and anxiety, I remind myself of something — something that takes all of the stress away…

You can do this!! You are totally going to do well! You are going to pull through! You always do in the end! YOU ARE GREATER THAN A 4.1!!!*

**>4.1 is a motivational thing that I made up for myself. 4.0 is the highest/best Grade Point Average (GPA) that one can achieve at McGill. Hence, I like to say that I am better than the best…. Greater than a 4.1…. Okay, kind of narcissitic of me, but it works to motivate me! What motivates you?

I always carry this around with me.... Inspiration!

I always carry this around with me…. Motivation!

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  1. Carmen permalink
    April 10, 2013 12:53 pm

    😛 you are such a creep taking that photo!

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