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PPLILOVE: Nadia Lampkin

April 23, 2013

(People I Love is a segment in which I feature one person — on his/her birthday — who is near and dear to my heart. I guess you can say this is an open-birthday card.)

April 23rd is Nadia Lampkin’s birthday!


Nadia Lampkin is my Montreal best-est friend. We are essentially the same person when it comes to tea and other grandma-like activities.

I first met Nads in a religion class back in my first semester of university in the second week of September 2010. As fate would have it, I would end up dropping that class the very next week, but we would remain the best of friends until this day, three years later. Let me take you back to that faithful first day:

Leaving for Christmas dinner at the Keg 2011.

Leaving for Christmas dinner at the Keg 2011.

Before heading to religion class that day, I had to first go to stats class with my friend FL. FL is a very, very friendly person. When we entered the auditorium, I noticed FL was looking up at all of the people sitting in the rows. He wasn’t so much looking for a seat as he was looking for the right person to sit beside. I studied him carefully. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to one side of the auditorium. When he got to the two empty seats, he put his stuff down and immediately introduced himself to the person beside him. I thought, woah! How… awesome! Honestly, not many people do that, and I really think people should! Some of my best friendships had started with the simple, “Hey, how are you?” in class. So anyway, after witnessing FL do that, I thought I should too; what a great way to make friends! I just loved the way he came into the room, scanned it, and looked for a potential friend. So that’s what I did when I got to religion class.

I had transfered into religion class a week late, so I was a little nervous about the workings of the course. I arrived a couple of minutes early and scanned the room just like FL had done. I noticed that at the very top of the stairs, a girl sat in the corner by herself. She looked nice, so I thought, here goes!

I managed to find an entry on my old blog from September 17th, 2010 about meeting Nadia. Here was what it said (I especially like the segue…):

mars and i decided today that we have… party friends, chill friends, floor friends, class friends, and a couple of friends who seem to be very loyal.

did i tell you about the girl i met in religion?

how the first day i walked in there, i saw her from afar and sat beside her on purpose because she looked like a nice girl?

well she really is.

and today, i introduced her to mars and mars decided that she was a really nice person too.

i feel like that girl could be bestfriend material.

in a way, she kinda reminds me of steph.

(Steph is my best friend. You can read about her here.)

Anyway, so like I was saying: “I saw her from afar and sat beside her on purpose because she looked like a nice girl.” And the rest? Well, it was history. Or shall I say, philosophy? Although I did end up dropping religion, we actually ended up having philosophy 200 together. Just imagine spending 10-11 a.m. every Monday and Wednesday with an eighty-something-year-old man telling you about Socrates’ theories and Plato’s “The Theory of Forms.” It’s like story time! Oh the good times.

Sleepover fun!! Feb/March 2011.

Sleepover fun!! Feb/March 2011.

Nads will never cease to amaze me. She just has the biggest heart and is literally saving the world, one baking soda box at a time! (You will not understand that reference if you are not one of the four who went to see the fortune teller on my birthday.) As first-year students, we used to spend our time eating chicken wings or burgers with a massive side of fries in the Royal Victoria  caf on campus, either talking and daydreaming about boys or complaining about those girls behind us in class who were being so chatty. I even remember that first valentine’s day of university. We sat in RVC and swore to each other that we would have valentines the next time around! Well, the next time around + a couple of months later, she had a valentine, and I had… well chicken wings and fries. Actually, I think at that point, I had already converted to vegetarianism, so I had quinoa and beans.

We were honestly such little girls back then, and now, we constantly talk about how quickly we are growing up. It seems like not a day goes by that we don’t talk about how fast life is coming at us. It makes me sad to think that I only have one year left of college fun with this girl, but no worries; once we enter the “real world,” there will be plenty of more stories to tell and I’ll bet, plenty of more stuff to complain about!

Seriously, take it from me, Nads is great. When I was struggling back in September with where I was in my life, all I could think about was how much unhappier I would be if I didn’t have Nadia in my life. We’ve shared so many laughs, mostly over the stupid things that other people do — sorry, but it’s true. And I’m sure that as we grow older, there will be many more laughters shared! I really can’t wait to be standing beside this girl at convocation with our families taking a kajillion photos of us. It is then that we’ll be able to compare our 22 year-old selves with our 18 year-old selves. Oh all the things that can happen in four years!

Happy 21st Birthday Nadia!! I can’t wait to celebrate it with you one week from now!

Surprising Nadia on her 20th birthday!

Surprising Nadia on her 20th birthday!

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