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Learning Outside the Classroom

May 2, 2013

We hear it all the time: “Some things you just can’t learn from books” or “Most of what we learn is outside the classroom” and et cetera. I think over the past year (and especially over the past two weeks), I have come to realize how true this is — that the real stuff, the good stuff, is learned outside the classroom.

  1. There is a difference between being nice and being a pushover. Being nice means you want to be nice. Being a pushover means that you can’t say no even though you want to say no.
  2. The world consists of people who are very, very, very nice and who care very, very, very much about you, but it also consists of people who are very, very, very rude and who just don’t give a sh-t about you.
  3. Most people are willing to help you as long as it does not inconvenience them. The small fraction of people who are still willing to help you in spite of being inconvenienced are your real friends.
  4. People change.
  5. A person needs three things to live a good life: love, aspirations, and a decent pen.



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