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My Back-ing and Forth-ing

June 2, 2013

Setting: kitchen. Tina wanders in mindlessly. She opens the fridge and grabs her soy milk. She opens the cupboard to pull out her Special K cereal just like she does every morning. Only this morning, it wasn’t there. She had forgotten to get more Special K cereal. Enters Dad.

Dad: Good morning Tina!

Tina grunts.

Dad: When is your midterm?

Tina: Tomorrow.

Dad: Oh dear.

Tina: Yah.

Dad: Well, when I was in school and was studying for a test, I would always try to guess what the teacher would ask me on the test — stuff he wanted me to know. Do you do that?

Tina: Yes dad. I ask myself that every five minutes. Seriously.

My child development psych midterm is tomorrow and as per usual, I’m going through the back-and-forth toss of “I’m going to do SO well. This is easy stuff! I’m awesome! I’m so smart!!” and “I’m going to fail this thing. I’ll never graduate. I’ll be stuck in school forever. I will be miserable for the rest of my life working at McDonald’s. AH!!!!!!!”

The best part of it all is I just learned that people who place a high value on a task at hand, while having a big fear of failure, will actually fail miserably. It says so on page 215 of my textbook. That’s just PERFECT! I mean, doesn’t the author of the textbook know he’s talking to university students? Some of whom place a high value on their education and have a GIGANTIC fear of failing? (Okay, the whole p. 215 concept is a little more complicated than that, but that’s basically what it says.)

Ah, whatever. It’s only worth 25% anyway. (That’s usually what I say when I’m at my wits’ end.)

Wish my good luck everybody! I’ll need it….


Indeed, Rainy days and Mondays always get me down:


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