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Happy Canada Day!

July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day to all of my fellow Canadians! Boy, it’s good to be Canadian, eh?


Here are five things I love about being Canadian:

  1. Our reputation of being a very nice/polite group of people. I mean I always catch myself doing this: saying “thank you” or “you’re welcome” when it doesn’t even make sense… like getting stepped on the foot by someone else…. “Thank you” and “You’re welcome” are just my go-to words.
  2. Our multiculturalism. I think a lot of us take this for granted. Honestly, sometimes when I travel to other places, I am shocked that there aren’t that many Asians around… or Hispanics… or Italians… or Caucasians… and then I realize I’m not in Canada. Under this category, I would also like to add diversity — and how open we are to others, regardless of religious views or sexual orientation.
  3. Anne of Green Gables. This is self-explanatory. Also, under this category, I would like to add Margaret Atwood, and since I mentioned Atwood, I might as well mention the other Canadian authors, who, might I add, all embrace Canada in their writing: L.M. Montgomery, Margaret Laurence, Alice Monroe, Stuart McLean, Mordecai Richler, Carol Sheilds, Robertson Davies, Michael Ondaatje, Leonard Cohen… etc.
  4. Michael J. Fox. Um, hello!!! Go read his memoir, Lucky ManDo it right now. And have you seen Doc Hollywood?
  5. Molson Canadian. Poutine. Maple Syrup. Our abundance of snow. We truly are “The Great White North.”

Robert Cohen (who is filming a documentary involving many famous Canadians on “Being Canadian”) has got this to say about being Canadian:

“(Americans) think we’re polite, they think we love hockey, they expect us to wear flannel, (Wayne) Gretzky’s going to come up at some point, there will be the hint of maple syrup in the air, and then after that they can’t tell you anything.”

“Cohen said he used to be offended by the lack of knowledge and/or interest in the ‘True north, strong and free.’ But now he likes that we’re not completely understood, noting ‘it gives us a sort of polite Canadian thrill'” (CTVnews).

This commercial cracks me up every time… despite it being a beer commercial.

This commercial makes me very happy:

Happy Canada Day!


I swear, with all these beer commercials… you must think I’m a beer-o-holic. I’m not!

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