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Summer Days

July 9, 2013

What a pleasant day today as been!

I spent the morning organizing my financial statements and sorting through letters while watching “Leonard Bernstein and the Making of West Side Story” on YouTube. I had only intended to watch 10 minutes of the video; instead, I ended up watching the entire thing, which took up 1.5 hours. Needless to say, I’ve been singing and humming the songs all day. Gosh, I just love Lenny. He and his charming ways was what got me through last semester. I love the way he dances when he conducts!

I didn’t even listen to my iPod to and fro Starbucks. I entertained myself the whole way there with my own singing.

I arrived at my favourite Starbucks just after two o’clock with laptop and book in hand. I desperately needed to write, and I promised myself that summer was when I was going to do a lot of writing. But taking two courses in May and June ate up all of my time. Now that I’m only taking one course, things are a little better.

Starbucks was packed. I was surprised. Packed on a Tuesday afternoon? Doesn’t anyone work anymore? I was hoping for a quiet afternoon. How will I be able to write in such a noisy and busy café? So I walked out of the place and stood on the sidewalk for a considerable amount of time. It looked like it was going to rain. What should I do now? I started walking in the direction of my second favourite Starbucks, but I wasn’t pleased. At this lethargic pace, I won’t get there for another 45 minutes. Finally, I gave up and started walking back to the busy Starbucks. I need to write–no excuses! Like E.B. White (one of my favourite authors) said,

A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word to paper.

I ordered my drink and was lucky enough to find  one of those nice comfortable sofa-armchairs. You know, the kind that is too expensive to buy for your home, so you resort to visiting cafés with book in hand, hoping that one of those chairs are free.

The next five hours were glorious. I spent the first 1.5 hours finishing up a short story I had started writing last week. Then I spent the next thirty minutes trying to reformat one of my old one-act plays for my portfolio. I quickly got bored of doing that because it was tedious work!


Writer's block... except not really. I was just lazy.

Writer’s block… except not really. I was just lazy.

The last three hours at Starbucks was even more magnificent than the first two. I was finally able to sit down and finish the memoir I have been reading for the past week-and-a-half, ‘Tis by Frank McCourt. I have been hating myself for not finishing the book in under three days. I mean, I finished the first third of the book in just one afternoon, and the second third the next morning. Why was it taking me so long to finish the damn book? It is an incredible story! Granted, I did take time away from ‘Tis  to read De Quincey’s Confessions of an English Opium-Eater, but no excuses!

So anyway, I spent the latter part of the afternoon and some of the evening finishing up McCourt’s book. I loved it. Definitely going on my list of books to read, which I am compiling for my friends… and my future children…. Some parts of the ending were so funny that I felt embarrassed for laughing and smiling so much in front of the four men who were sitting opposite from me. After I read the last word of the book, I closed it and ran my hand over the hardcover. I looked up and saw that the sun had come out and was streaming through the window. I smiled to myself and just sat there for a few minutes, digesting the story I had just read and taking in my surroundings.

Then I checked my phone and saw that AL had called me. I called him back, and while I was leaving a voicemail, he strolled in and almost brushed past me. Turns out, there was a power outage in the other half of my neighbourhood because of the storm last night. The one day I don’t read the paper, and I’m already out of the loop. Also, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the amount of people who couldn’t survive without electricity for one afternoon.

I ended my summer day with a nice chat with a friend, and walked out of the café, right on home singing tunes from West Side Story.

I wish all of my days could be like summer days. I can’t wait for the day when my life won’t revolve around school anymore. Except that’ll never come because I’m going to be a high school teacher, but that’s a different kind of school. I’m excited for that kind of school.

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