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Summer Mornings

July 12, 2013

“…the deep peace of the morning presented an affecting contrast, and in some degree a medicine. The silence was more profound than that of midnight: and to me the silence of a summer morning is more touching than all other silence, because, the light being broad and strong, as that of noon-day at other seasons of the year, it seems to differ from perfect day, chiefly because man is not yet abroad; and thus, the peace of nature, and of the innocent creatures of God, seems to be secure and deep, only so long as the presence of man, and his restless and unquiet spirit, are not there to trouble its sanctity” (De Quincey, Confessions of an English Opium-Eater, Broadview edition, 59).

I couldn’t have said it any better than De Quincey. What a beautiful passage of prose. To wake up early in the morning, read the paper, while sipping on a precious cup of coffee… it’s just refreshing. I’d say the world is most beautiful in the morning (and most calming at dusk).

But we often miss this beauty when we are hopping out of bed and rushing around because we’ve slept through our alarms and are late for work.

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