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PPLILOVE: Mandy Tran

July 23, 2013

(People I Love is a segment in which I feature one person — on his/her birthday — who is near and dear to my heart. I guess you can say this is an open-birthday card.)

July 23rd is Mandy Tran‘s birthday!


My “baby sister” has finally turned 20! Welcome to the big 2-0 my darling. Wow, it just hit me that she has only been 19 all this time. Sometimes, I forget that I am a year older because I obviously don’t always act a year older.

I first met Mandy at the tender age of thirteen. My mom wanted to open up her own business, so she did some neighbourhood scoping and finally bought a building. And with that building came Mandy! We spent that first summer, when we first met each other, bike riding through the neighbourhood and breathing in the chocolate-scented air (the chocolate factory was up the street). It was absolutely wonderful.

We quickly became close, telling everybody we knew that we were sisters. Blood sistas for lyfe.

We look crazy... as per usually.

We look crazy… as per usual.

That summer, I talked about my excitement for going to high school and boyz, boyz, boyz. We dreamt of brighter days when we’d go to places further than the chocolate factory and the local 7/11. Now, we’re really going places–on the fast track to teaching and nursing, respectively.

When we were young, we would sit out back on her doorsteps and throw dirty looks at the pizza delivery guys next door who always tried to park in our driveway. We would gossip about the family who lived to the right of us and pine over the guy who lived to the left of us. Once, we even asked him if he was married. Now that we’ve “grown up,” we’ve speculated that he’s probably only a couple of years older than us…. Key word is “speculate” because he’s so beautiful, we’re still trying to rack up the nerve to talk to him. Ha ha. And also, the whole marriage question thing makes it awkward to even try to speak to him now. Seriously. Still, we always keep each other updated on recent sightings of him. Not creepy at all….

We’ve done so many silly things together–silly things that have bonded us together for life. From baking days to movie marathons to Dufferin Mall visits to chatroulette sessions (back when it was all innocent and all about making new friends. Now it’s just wangs flying everywhere.) She is such a sweet girl–with her shy, sweet voice, and her purple-pinkish hair, and her charming smile. But she’s no Jane Doe; she’s got an edge! You don’t want to mess with her! That girl gotz attitude mann.

Don't mess with us... or else.

Don’t mess with us… or else.

I can always count on her to tell me the latest schoolhouse gossip and all about her encounters with weird guys. I can also count on her to leave me cute little messages in my agenda/notebooks.


She’s fun, lively, and adventurous! She’s always open to trying new things, and she makes me want to try new things. This girl is amazing; you’ll always have so much fun when you’re with her. Honestly, a part of me lives vicariously through her. She also always seems to have such a great balance between friends and school; this is something I desperately need to learn from her. How does she do it??

Mandy, baby girl, on your twentieth birthday, I wish you the best decade of your life. I wish you happiness and joy and all the love that your tender heart can hold! May all of your wishes come true and may Disney recognize the princess that you are and hire you to work at their theme park!!

I love her! Cutest picture of us ever.

I love her! Cutest picture of us ever.

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