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Dear Me: Good Work

July 31, 2013

Despite the grey overcast today, I’ve been having a pretty good day. I must still be on that shopping high  from yesterday– the Bay annual 40% off everything sale is just the best. Enough said.

But I’m also pretty happy because my English presentation today went off without a hitch. Working on the presentation didn’t actually seem like “work.” I loved my topic because it was so damn interesting. It was on Dori Laub’s paper, “An Event Without a Witness: Truth, Testimony and Survival” and how he argues that there were no witnesses during the actual occurrence of the Holocaust–only witnesses after the fact. Of course, this is bold statement, and because I’m not going to go into his arguments here, the claim may seem almost misleading. Laub’s paper is very interesting; I would highly recommend that you read it, and if you’re interested, I can send you a paper I wrote critiquing his argument. Just leave me a comment!

Back to my presentation: there were many occasions when I could have switched from my topic to another topic because people kept dropping out of my group. And although I did complain to my friends more than once that people kept leaving my group and that I would be stuck doing all of the work, I still kept my topic. Yes, I did complain, but I didn’t mind doing more work if it meant that I was doing something I was interesting in. And look at that! It paid off! It was not only fun to work on it; it was also really fun to present to my class. Alright, maybe “fun” isn’t the right word; it was very enjoyable. My presentation today reminded me of my love for teaching. I love standing up in front of crowd and talking to them about something I am passionate about or interested in; I love to share what I know.

After my presentation, I was approached on three separate occasions by people in my class to congratulate me on my presentation. I was surprised but of course, absolutely delighted. I think the best compliment was “That was a really good presentation. I actually paid attention today!”

Paying attention is important to me.

So anyway, that was my morning. When I got home, I ate lunch and then wrote some poetry. I’ve written and polished three poems in the last two days. Not bad eh? I love all of them even though I’m not sure I understand all of them. Ha ha.

But that’s the thing I like about poetry. They can be anything you want; they don’t have to make sense. Poetry, to me, just captures feelings. After finishing those three poems, I printed them out and slipped each of them into page protectors in my “Creative Pieces” binder. They go in there to be used on another day. After that, I used my iPhone to record myself reading each of the poems. I read them in a tortuous tone to give them that poetic, melancholy oomph.

Speaking about writing poetry…. Yesterday, I tried to write one that was only based on sounds. That’s when I realized how hard it is to put sounds into words. Onomatopoeia is hard, man. I sat in my room trying to mimic the sounds I was hearing so that I could figure out how to put them into words. At one point, my brother walked by my room and told me to stop being “so weird.” If you don’t believe that it’s hard then you try it.

Can you decipher where these sounds came from?


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