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Why It’s Awesome to be a Nerd

August 3, 2013

I adore this:

I’ve been called “a nerd” on more than one a thousand occasions. Sometimes, in contexts that don’t even make sense. Most of the time, it’s used in synonymous terms with the word “weird.” I would often be called “a nerd” for knowing too much about things that people either found insignificant, weird, or obscure. But people use the word “nerd” as if it were a bad thing! It is not at all! It is a real pleasure to be called a nerd. It means that I am different from most people, which makes me feel special, in a good way.

It means that I am able to teach people something that they do not know. It means that I am handy to have around. It means that that I have something to be passionate about — a love and thirst for knowledge.

Nerds, convene!


ROTN–one day, we shall avenge ourselves against the school yard bullies

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