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Old Girl

August 16, 2013

The three girls in front of me were wearing short, tight dresses. I, on the other hand, was wearing a navy cardigan on top of a knee-lengthed dress that swayed this-way-and-that when I walked. It was cold; I didn’t understand how they didn’t look cold at all. The twenty-something year-old girls in front of me were plopping around in heels, and I was shuffling through the crowd in my loafers. I didn’t understand how they could walk in those things and not look tired.

The girls walked by a game stand. The twenty-something year-old guy spoke into the mic, calling out to them, “Hey girls! Pretty ladies! Come and play a game won’t you? You know you want to!” The girls smiled and declined. They continued to walk away.

I was his next target.

“Hi Miss! Miss in the red skirt! Won’t you come and play a game?”

I looked at him and laughed–not at his desperateness but at what he had called me: Miss.

Of course, I am a “Miss.” I am single after all. And I’m not unfamiliar with this title, as I had often been called “Miss” when I was teaching at the high school….

BUT generally, twenty-somethings do not refer to other twenty-somethings as “Miss.”

Over the past year, I have noticed that more and more people are referring to me as “Miss.” Instead of “How are you doing?” they will say, “How are you doing, Miss?” Or instead of “Excuse me. Is this seat taken?” they will say, “Excuse me, Miss. Is this seat taken?” Et cetera.

Also, I have been approached by men who are twice my age (in genuine and friendly manners). Thus far, I have not been approached by anyone my age, so I am starting to think that there is something about me that makes me seem “older”….

Which is interesting, considering how everyone who really knows me says that I act like I’m twelve. The thing about me is, I act like I’m twelve, but I like the same things as a ninety year-old. During my second year of university, I used to think that I could only be one of these things: either twelve or ninety, but I know now that I can be both at once.

I don’t know where I’m going with this post–perhaps I am only thinking out loud. I guess I was just sort of surprised by his calling me “Miss,” but it wasn’t a bad thing. I kind of liked it. It just reminds me of how different I am from most people my age.

And you know what I think? Beauty lies in differences, not in similarities.

I do not look old at all. Not at all.

I do not look old at all. Not at all…. But I did read somewhere once that having shorter hair makes you look “older and more sophisticated,” so maybe my hair is to blame… among other things.

And also, being called “Miss” reminds me that I dress like a teacher, which is not problematic in the least, considering that teaching is what I want to do. Dress for the job you want right?

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  1. August 16, 2013 11:20 pm

    That was a nice post, Miss. 🙂 You look very nice.

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