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That Kind of Love

September 15, 2013

I originally wanted to write a post entitled, “Romantic Movies and Me,” but I am just completely exhausted. I spent the morning taking care of housekeeping tasks like organizing my desk and sending out necessary e-mails. I ate lunch, watched some Arrested Development on Netflix, and proceeded to make notes on the article, “Gross Anatomy of the Brain.” I started at 2 p.m. It is now 9:43 p.m., and I am only half-way through the article.

It takes a lot of brain power to study the brain. Seriously.

So far, I have 23 pages of typed notes, colour-coded and complete with diagrams. What’s in store for me tomorrow? Another 23 pages? I hope not.

But anyway, getting back to the post that I wanted to write today: I wanted to write a grand post on romantic movies. I’m not talking about rom-coms. I’m talking about those heart-wrenchingly, romantic movies (even more romantic than The Notebook). I’m talking about An Affair to Remember romantic.

Last night, instead of going out with my roommates, I opted for a night in bed with good ol’ Netflix (I just signed up for an account and have recently discovered its marvellousness.) I scanned through the “Suggested for You” section and stumbled upon The Young Victoria. I immediately chose it.

I had heard of the movie before, but that wasn’t why I chose it. I chose it because I love watching period/historical films. Also, I am obsessed with the royal family. A postcard with Will and Kate’s picture on it hangs on my wall next to pictures of my friends and family. Enough said!

The movie was lovely. Although the movie is about Victoria’s transition to being Queen and all of the problems she had to face, I truly think that at the heart of that movie is a love story–the love story of Albert and Victoria. Albert really comes across as Victoria’s saving grace–the person she needed to keep her grounded and sane.

I honestly think that The Young Victoria is the only movie that has made me cry because I felt so happy 
for the girl for having that kind of love. Usually, I cry because one of the lovers is dying or something tragic is happening (like old Allie not remembering old Noah). Watching this movie, I found myself crying because I was just overwhelmed with happiness for Victoria. It just seems that Albert was so good for her.

And I hope one day, I’ll have that kind of love too.

This is my favourite scene of all:

I actually just cried watching that again. I am weak!

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