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October 8, 2013

I just realized that I don’t really know what “BFFL” stands for. I mean I know what the BFF stands for, but what about the ‘L’?

I think it stands for “Love.”

Actually, I just looked it up on Urban Dictionary and it stands for “Life,” which makes sense I guess… if you turn the last ‘F’ into “For” instead of “Forever.”


For Steph and me, it means “Love” AND “Life.” I can never imagine my life without her, and that’s probably why I don’t remember much of my life before her. Ha ha ha ha. I know she just giggled when she read that line.

It’s like she’s my silver lining in this dreadful world!

I once wrote a diary entry solely dedicated to describing how much I loved Steph. One of my favourite sentences: “I really hope we grow old together and attend each other’s wedding.” I couldn’t help but burst out laughing just reading it now–as if attending each other’s wedding is the most important event of “growing old.” Oh lawlz.

(Sidenote: I also just looked up “lawlz” on Urban Dictionary, and for you curious folks, it is when you “pronounce lol, when used in real life. the z just adds a little extra spunk to it.” Now that is lawlz. Hey! The mark of a good reader/writer is someone who looks up words that he/she does not understand! Lawlz. Actually, up until Miley Cyrus, I did not know what twerkin’ meant.)

Stephanie. Stephanie. Stephanie.

I once told Stephanie back in February that I had a super epiphany about my love life: I just needed to find a male version of her, to which she moved her chair slightly back from me. Ha Ha! I think our love doesn’t get anymore real than that.

We will always be best friends–that I am sure, for although I have moved 500 km away, and it has been three years, our friendship is stronger than ever. The thing I love most about Stephanie is the fact that she never carries any negative judgments about others. Stephanie is never one to point out people’s flaws nor has she ever been the kind of person to gossip. She is pure. Ha ha. Although there are so many things I love about Stephanie (like how she laughs at everything I say, seriously), this is the one thing that I love most about her: she is nonjudgmental. We need more people like her on this earth!

Sometimes, when I am with Stephanie, I laugh so hard that I feel like puking. I remember that feeling as though it were just a few days ago…. Oh wait, it was just a few days ago! But granted, I only felt like puking because we had gone to all-you-can-eat sushi and had stayed there from around 12:30-3:00 p.m….

Honestly, why is there even such a thing as all-you-can-eat! It sounds rather barbaric.

Stephanie. Stephanie. Stephanie. I’ve already written a PPLILOVE post for her, so I have resorted to writing this mini blurb the day after her birthday. I’m always been so disappointed the day after my birthday because all the fun is over, and I have to wait another 364 days. But by writing this now, I hope that I am sending a ball of sunshine Stephanie’s way even after he magical day. Because she truly, truly, truly deserves it.

Stephanie, on your 7,666th [(365×21)+1] day on earth, I wish for all your dreams to come true, all of the happiness in the universe to touch your lips, all the wonders of the world to touch your mind, all the money that you desire to fly straight into your wallet (lawlz), and all the love that you deserve.

Also, I wish for you never to be separated from me (and vice versa)–lawlz.

I wish everyone could know Stephanie because their lives would get exponentially better. Y’all are missing out.

In my iPhoto, I had this album titled as “?” Oh lawlz….

Stephanie is just chillin’ with a cool hat on…


while I am going berserk…. That’s usually how it always is between us….


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