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November 12, 2013

Okay, so it’s not here yet. But it’s ALMOST here!!

Picture was taken on Sunday, November 10th, and therefore does not accurately reflect how many days there are left until Christmas!

Picture was taken on Sunday, November 10th, and therefore does not accurately reflect how many days there are left until Christmas!

Okay, you caught me again. 43 days isn’t exactly “almost,” but I still can’t contain my excitement. I’ve been excited ever since November 1st–since Starbucks took out its pumpkins and installed its Christmas lights…since The Bay removed all of the orange and yellow wreathes and replaced those with green wreathes with red tinsel…since Dollarama filled an entire aisle with Christmas decorations! I was so excited at Dollarama on Friday night that the lady who was setting up the Christmas merchandise kicked me out. I mean, she didn’t literally kick me out, but she said that I was “NOT ALLOWED IN HERE!”

Granted, I had just come from the grocery store and was shuffling around with gigantic bags… BUT I was practically as an inconvenience to myself as much as I was to her.

Since she kicked me out of the aisle prematurely, I simple had to make two more trips back, which I did on Saturday morning and Sunday night. When I went back last night, I saw that lady again. I kept turning my face away because I may or may not have been afraid that she would kick me out again….

My roommates must think I'm crazy.

My roommates must think I’m crazy.

Being at Dollarama posed quite a dilemma. You see, for the past while, I’ve been telling myself that I should stop spending so much money. The holidays are coming! I should be saving up! But then while I was Dollarama on those three separate ocassions, I just couldn’t help myself. It’s like my mom says, “You’ll never come out of Dollarama having spent only a dollar.” I felt a little guilty after spending all that money, but I rationalized my purchases (as I always do). I told myself that these things would make me happy (which, according to Roy Baumeister is false. He calls it “misregulation: the mistaken belief that buying something will regulate your mood for the better”): decorating my room… decorating my door… decorating the apartment… decorating… decorating… decorating…. I also told myself that the daily reminders that Christmas is coming will get me through my classes, my exams, and the rest of my school days (of this semester).

And I was right! I’ve been so incredibly happy the last 24 hours. I’ve been singing and humming Christmas tunes and even blasting “All I Want for Christmas is You” while wearing my snowman apron and baking pumpkin bread. The best part is waking up the next morning and knocking off another day on my “Countdown to Christmas Home” board.

As I explained to my roommates: Christmas seems too far away. Counting down to "Going Home" is much more managable. Besides, Christmas for me starts with going home!

As I explained to my roommates: Christmas seems too far away. Counting down to “Going Home” is much more manageable. Besides, Christmas for me starts with going home!

But the saddest part of all this is that I have had the passing thought (on one or two occasions) that I will be so disappointed and sad once Christmas is over. What the heck am I going to go do in January? One of my professors once told me that the third Monday in January has been proven to be the most depressing day of the year. I have yet looked that up. But seriously! What am I going to do in January? Look forward to Valentine’s Day in February? Yeah right….

But nevermind that for now because Christmas has still yet to arrive!

I was deliously happy while walking home yesterday, smiling to myself like crazy. I had just come out of my class and was wondering to myself whether I should look at the damn grade on the essay I had just gotten back. You see, I’ve been doing this thing for the past year where I don’t look at my grade for any exam or paper until the very end of the day, right before I go to bed. My rationale is: if I get a good grade, then good for me! Yay! But if I get a bad grade, I can just sleep on it and not spend the whole day kicking myself about it. It’s been working out pretty well for the past year, but I’m telling you, it does take some self control.

So anyway, I was walking on campus and going back and forth about whether I should look at my grade. Of course, my brain was telling me not to look at it because I still had a very long day of studying ahead, and I didn’t want to think about the bad grade if indeed I did get a bad one. But man! I really wanted to look at it. I walked down the Milton steps as I continued to argue with myself, and that’s when I noticed the first snow fall. SNOW! Even though it was gloomy out, I just couldn’t help but smile oh so brightly. I was so happy that I sang “Let it Snow” all the way home.

I know: I’m a little ridiculous.

Even just walking to class morning, I was as delighted as can be. Today’s even better. The sun is out, and the snow is lightly falling. All the way to class, I listened to “All I Want for Christmas is You.” I even caught myself saying, “So happy, so happy, so happy,” which is super refreshing because unlike last year, I wasn’t saying that in the hopes that I would become so happy. This year, I’m actually so happy, so happy.

I’m so high on euphoria right now that I fear that I will suffer a heart attack soon. But ah, it’s good to be so happy… at least for the next two days it is. I have a neuroanatomy midterm on Thursday morning–yikes! Not so happy about that….

But for Christmas, I am!

Picture courtesy of my wonderful AN.

Picture courtesy of my wonderful AN. (The crown reads “2014.” Yes, I’ve already admitted that I’m just a little crazy….

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