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Grocery Store Shopaholic

November 18, 2013

Hello everyone, my name is Tina Ta, and I am a Grocery Store Shopaholic.

With my busy student life, I rarely find the time to go down to the malls and department stores, but unfortunately for me, I live right next to a whole street full of grocery stores. It’s quite bad actually. On any given day, I could hit up all five.

Healthy-Grocery-ShoppingBack in September, when my visa bill was in the high hundreds, I rationalized my grocery-purchases as “building my pantry”, as “stocking up for the school year.” I rationalized that if I buy 10 bags of lentils now, I wouldn’t have to buy a bag of lentils for the next ten months. The same line of reasoning was applied to bags of kidney beans, split peas, and chick peas… oh and to boxes of vegetable stock too.

Then October hit, and with the added stress of midterms, I found myself with the powerful urge to visit a store… any store…. I wanted to peruse those aisles and feel the relaxing calm set over me. Unfortunately for me, I live right next to a whole street full of grocery stores. Those bright florescent lights and freshly waxed floors were beckoning to me. People: grocery shoppin’ ain’t like normal shoppin’. There’s just so much variety! All that colour! And I can afford just about anything in the store! Strolling up and down the aisle with your shopping cart is just the best… especially if you get those bigger ones that can support your weight as you put your right foot onto the bottom rack and use the cart like a scooter. It’s da best man.


Do you understand my dilemma now?

Making a list doesn't really help either....

Making a list doesn’t really help either….

As a GSS (Grocery Store Shopaholic), I prefer to go early in the mornings, right when they open up. That way, I can stroll  (or scoot) down the aisle in peace. There is a wonderful quietude in the early morning: just you, the tacky music, and rows and rows of cereal boxes and cartons of soy milk. But this association I’ve made between “grocery stores” and “a calm peace” is not good at all because I find myself venturing there more than my wallet can handle. It’s so bad that sometimes, I only bring one reusable bag with me so that I am forced to buy only what I can carry.

This does not work.

I just end up wobbling home in pain with my one heavy bag on my shoulder and the copious other plastic bags I’m carrying in both my hands. I know! Plastic bags! Horrendous.

MDN (in 2011-2012): You know, you always buy all of this stuff, but you never seem to think about the fridge space.

It’s November–mid-November now, and according to my “Countdown to Christmas Home” board, I’m only here for another 32 days. I’ve already started sectioning off all of the food I have in my pantry and fridge and grouping them into “passable meals.” It’s quite the brain teaser. Every night, I ask myself, what can I do with my five cartons of egg whites and six boxes of tempeh and torfurky (tofu-turkey)?

Now that I’ve completed most of my Christmas shopping, I know that I absolutely cannot do any more grocery shopping… and that’s not just because I have a fridge brimming with food and a pantry so extensive that I am confident that I will survive for months in case there is an apocalypse (except there would be no electricity to cook my bags of beans and lentils…). I can’t go grocery shopping anymore because I actually have no more money, and I’m not even exaggerating.

When I saw my credit card bills, I was actually convinced that someone had stolen my card and went on a shopping spree.  I even checked my wallet to see if both of my credit cards were still there. Trust me, I was not even being delusional. I just couldn’t understand how it all happened! All of this, of course, prompted me to call both of my banks, who then confirmed that my suspicions were wrong.


Me (to one of my roommates before I called my banks): I’m going to call my banks… but I’m pretty sure the charges are real….

Me (to the same roommate after having called the banks): So yeah, they’re real…. Ah!!!!

Now that I literally have no money left, my meals consists of egg whites, tofu, broccoli, apple sauce, and expired tofurky. Not good my friends, not good at all!

But even with no money in my pocket… I do believe that I will still make my weekly visits to the grocers to see all the pretty boxes and newly waxed floors. What can I say? There’s just something relaxing about it all.

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