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Santa, Where Did All The Candy Canes Go?

November 24, 2013

Okay, seriously, this is a problem. I have been searching far and wide (read within 1.5 km of my apartment) for candy canes. I went to two Shoppers Drug Marts, 1 Jean Coutu, 1 Uniprix, 2 Dollaramas (the candy canes there are gross and not the legitimate kinds), 1 Metro, 1 Provigo, and none of them had candy canes! I went every three days for the last two weeks! Actually, some of the stores had candy canes, but they were the really gross multicoloured-striped kinds. I like my good ol’ peppermint candy canes!

Yon wonder boy! Point to the way of thou loveliest hooked candy canes!

Yon wonder boy! Point to the way of thou loveliest hooked candy canes!

You know, I don’t really like candy. I’m just not a big fan. BUT I do love my candy canes. I always looked forward to those after my santa visits. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe it was all those years of taking photos with santa that have conditioned me to like candy canes so much….

Or maybe they’re just the darn tastiest things in the world.

Every year before Christmas, I like to buy about 5 boxes of the 100 mini candy canes. I like the mini ones because they fit nice and easy into the pockets of my jeans… or knapsack… or coat. My 500 candy canes usually last me all the way through to April. Sometimes, I pull out a rain jacket in the middle of July that I haven’t worn since late November, and I feel broken candy cane bits in the pocket. Broken: not fun to clean out, whole: loads of fun to eat, especially during Easter. While everyone has their chocolate eggs, I have my candy canes.

So you can imagine my exasperation! It’s nearing the end of November, and I still haven’t set eyes on my beloved candy canes. How is this possible?

And you know what I was also thinking? They should make an advent calendar with candy canes, not chocolate! Maybe I’ll buy an advent calendar, pop out all the chocolates, throw them away, stick in candy canes, and tape it all back together.

But first, I need candy canes! I need my fix man, I need it. I need it to get me going through exams, right up until Christmas. I also need it after Christmas to help with how depressed I’ll be when the celebrations are over.

Thou loveliest and most artful candy cane with thy arched hook and red swirling ribbon… chocolate dost not fair up to thee in mine heart. Thou reign supreme for ever in mine lyfe yet thou causeth me strife for thou keepest far a ways in the abyss of the Never Ever Land whose name is Germany.

Edit: Since I have last written this post (early yesterday morning), I have found my beloved candy-canes! Man did I have to travel far to get these (read within 1.6 km away from my apartment).

Photo on 13-11-24 at 7.44 AM


Let the merriment begin!

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