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PPLILOVE (most): Papa

January 28, 2014

Happy birthday to my darling father. There is no one I love more in the world.

Except maybe my mother.

Just kidding!!

I love them equally.

Or well… in different ways.


When I think of my dad, I can’t imagine a better man. He has loved me as much, if not more than, any father can love his biological daughter. Because of him, I know I will have the confidence to adopt a child rather than have my own.

He has always driven me to piano lessons, tennis lessons, and school recitals. He has always shelled out the money whenever I needed wanted something “oh so badly!!!!” He is the one who still picks me up from my friend’s place at midnight. He is the only one in my entire family (my mother and my brother) who always notices when I am upset and will ask, “You okay?” while smiling and patting me on the back. I love that. While the rest of my family are “emotionally unavailable,” my dad is the one who glues us all altogether with his jokes and laughs and hugs. He is the one who taught me to laugh at everything.

The one thing I look forward to most about going home is the reunion with my dad–how he parks the car every time and waits for me at the street corner with his arms wide open.

My favourite is when he says “Oh dear” whenever he’s faced with a problem. I mean, it’s sort of an old-lady saying, but I think that’s why I always smile when I hear him say it.

He is the one who has introduced me to the world of classical music and Michael Bublé (I am not kidding). Because of him, I love Christmas more than any other holiday and look forward to picking out the tree and decorating it with him every year. Because of my dad, I know that not all men are evil, and I am hopeful that one day, I will find someone who will win his approval.

I am grateful for everything that he has taught me: from how to fix a toilet (more on this another time) to how to cut an onion, from how to drive to how to play tennis, from how to solve a quadratic equation to how to say no to a boy when he’s trying to pull a fast one on you (last year, he made my brother and me watch a bunch of 1950s videos on youtube about etiquette, &tc.–click here to read the post about it). And don’t even get me started on those life lessons!

Because of him, my mom and I were opened to a world of opportunities. Because of him, my father–my papa–I am able to sit here, 500 km away from home, getting a “higher education.”

And even though I am the supposed “writer,” no amount of words (here, here, here) can tell you how much I love my dad. Because the thing is, I used to think that he never had to love me because I wasn’t “his,” and that made me so incredibly grateful that he still loved me nonetheless.

But the thing is, I am his–wholly his. And he is wholly mine. I can never imagine my life without him, and I hope that I never have to.

Happy Birthday Papa.

Isn't he just so adorbs!

Isn’t he just so adorbs! (This e-mail made me laugh so hard mostly because I thought that it was random, but it also made me feel really good about us.)



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