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I’m Writing for Another Blog (too)!

February 10, 2014

If most of you will recall, I was volunteering for a great organization last semester called “Homework Zone” under the McGill Social Equity for Diversity Education group. The group works towards increasing access to education (specifically post-secondary) by partnering university students with elementary school aged children to scaffold learning and empowerment. The mentors are there to provide the students with proper tools and support so that they may succeed both academically and socially.

I don’t have to tell you how great of a cause that is!

My time volunteering was great. I met so many incredible people and learned so much. I also like to think that I made a difference in my mentee’s life.

So, of course, I was sad that I couldn’t go back to volunteering with the group this semester. Yet, I still wanted to make a contribution somehow. I came up with an idea for HZ’s website–a way to help with recruiting new members. I thought that it would be an excellent idea if there were a page on the website where new and past mentors can write/talk about their own experiences. People are always reluctant to sign up for things that they read on the internet–that’s why it’s always helpful to have testimonies!

I brought the idea forth to the coordinator of the program and volunteered to undertake the whole project. I’d write about my own experiences and go to the training session, interview others, and write up stories about each of them. I’d also continue attending the “reflection dinners,” and write up something about those. Of course, I’d also gladly edit people’s guest posts, too. GJ, the coordinator, thought it was a great idea, and we talked it over some more. The day of orientation was fun. I got to catch up with many past mentors and got to know many new mentors. I also got to weigh in on many discussions, and the coordinators even asked me to stand up and tell everyone about my project. The coordinators all seemed very excited, and I was, too.

There’s still much to be done and plenty of more stories to write, but the project has taken off. I’m excited!

Screenshot 2014-02-10 15.37.01

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