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Last Friday Night

June 28, 2014

Saturday, June 28, 2014; 4:30 a.m.; pillow talk; NYC, NY.

Me (while fluffing out my pillow): Well, that was a fun night!

SY: Yeah, it really was!

Me: Oh S-, I really like him. He was SOOOO cute and SOOOO smart. A Cornell guy! And he was so goofy and nerdy, just my type. Annnnddd we had so much fun together.

(Tina sighs.)

SY: Mmh.

Me: Tonight has given me hope that I will find someone.

SY: What?? You didn’t think you would find someone?

Me: No, I did. I mean I thought I would find someone eventually, but now I think I’ll find him in the near future!!

(They giggle and fall fast asleep.)

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