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Project Monday

July 28, 2014

I told AL that I’ve been pretty bored lately, and you know what he said to me?

Get a hobby.

He told me, of all people, to get a hobby! I thought that as my guy best friend of some 8 years, he would already know that I have, like, a gazillion hobbies.

Knitting, sewing, crocheting, embroidering, writing, cooking, baking, singing, dancing, painting, sketching, playing various musical instruments, scrapbooking, yadiyada.

But AL wasn’t completely wrong. He merely pointed out that I needed to revisit one of my long-forgotten hobbies: sewing.

When I moved back home from university a couple of months ago, one of the things that I found to be new about the house was the Singer sewing machine tucked in the corner of my basement. I asked my dad about it, and he excitedly explained that he had bought it a few weeks prior and that the only reason why my mom had a-okayed that purchase was because “Tina could use it too!”

I swear, my dad and I are practically the same person. He did, after all, teach me how to sew.

I had only used the Singer machine once before today when I decided that I was going to fix up all those dresses I had been meaning to fix–dresses that were given to me and dresses that I had bought that all needed to be hemmed or taken in. One dress, my favourite Cal K., had shrunk in the wash when my dad accidentally tossed it in, but the slip that was attached to it on the inside had remained the same length. I wore that dress to the grad party my mom threw for me back in May and didn’t even notice that the slip was longer than the actual dress until my cousin pointed it out. That was an awkward night for pictures….

So today, I pulled out the huge pile of dresses/skirts and the Singer machine, pulled up a movie on Netflix, got to work. Trying to remember what my dad had taught me, I pulled the thread through all the appropriate nooks and through the needle. Then I inserted the bobbin into the lower compartment.

Et voila!

First dress! Adjusting size.

First dress! Adjusting size.




Whattaaaa messss

Whattaaaa messss


Fix that slip



And now, for my most daring project. I cut the elbow-length sleeves off this dress, took the sides in, and then made these cut little button-tied bows from scraps that can be put on to scrunch the tops of the sleeves. If on a particular day, I am not feeling the “screechiness,” I can take them off and have a normal-looking sleeveless dress. Creative huh? 🙂

Button-tied bows

Button-tied bows


The buttoned-bows are in place; you can sort of see the scrunched-up-ness of the sleeves.


What shall I do tomorrow? I think I will go catch a show at the local cinema after class.

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