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Just Around the Corner

July 31, 2014

I just got home from an after-dinner tea with VP. As per usual, it was very lovely to see her and chat about everything ranging from people we knew in high school who are rumoured to be getting married to the great books we’ve read in the past week to the weird conversations we have with strangers to the extremely stressful (but very interesting for me) legal cases she’s working on. Meeting up with VP always means a follow-up e-mail later the same night with, more often than not, a file attached about something we had talked about during dinner/coffee/tea. I just sent her a paper I wrote called, “The Ethics of Treatment associated with Anti-Social Personality Disorder and Psychopathy.” Uh, how random is that?

VP sometimes comes back for the occasional long week-end, but it’s really only during her two-month annual stay in Toronto that I really get to see her. It’s getting to the point that now, when I think of summer, V P are two words that come up in my mind. And when it comes to saying goodbye to her, that’s when I know that summer is coming to an end.

And today was the day that I said goodbye to her. Well, no. To be precise, I said, “I’ll see you soon” because right before that, she had asked, “When are you going to visit me in New York??”

But I did say farewell, and I really don’t know when I’ll see her next. It might be next summer when she’s back in Toronto or it might be sooner if I can save up the money and find the time to jet off to NYC. But the point is, now that I’ve said farewell to her, I know that summer is coming to an end… and that school is just around the corner.

I also know that summer is coming to an end and that school is just around the corner because already, for the past week, I keep getting these damn annoying e-mails from amazon.


“Are you excited to go back to school?” She had asked me. I had told her yes, I was. Yes, I am. I was tired before, but now I’m pretty much ready to start up again. This summer has mostly just been about languishing b/t “personal projects,” and ironically, I’m tired of that. I want to be stimulated. I want to be excited. I want to be passionate about something again.

And boy, am I passionate about school.


OK, how random/cool is this? The girl who is featured in the side bar as just having recently attained her Ph.D is my friend JM’s sister!

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