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For My Friends and Family

September 10, 2014

Birthday today.

22 today!!

I’ve always thought of birthdays as a very “singular” event. So much attention is directed towards one person. The day is all about that one person. We wish that one person a “happy birthday.”

But today, this morning, I realized that I have been wrong all along. I was blow drying my hair in my mom’s room when she came in, hugged me, and wished me a happy birthday. Then she asked me if I had dinner plans tonight. I told her that I was meeting up with SY after school, but no, I didn’t have dinner plans. 

“Okay, we’re going out to dinner then,” she said and then walked away.

I turned the blow dryer on again and smiled to myself. This was my first birthday at home with my parents since 2009. That was when I realized that birthdays are about families and friends. They are not singular. They are communal

Now, as I near the last hours of my birthday anniversary, I reflect upon how great this day and week has been. It has all been amazing because my friends and family have made it so. I had looked forward to this day since 2010–this day when I could and would have all of my close friends and family near me. I have spent quite a few birthdays alone or, at least, feeling alone, and let me tell you, they were not really birthdays at all. Friends and family make birthdays the way they should be–fun, exciting, surprising, joyful, loving, absolutely wonderful. As I said to a friend from class on Monday morning when he asked me how my weekend was, “I had a birthday party, and it was just fabulous!”

“Fabulous?” He had asked, clearly having never heard someone describe her weekend as “fabulous.”

“Fabulous.” I confirmed.

Birthdays are celebrations of life, of living. And what is a life, what is living, if not lived with others?

I want to thank SY who bought me the most useful gift in the world–an exclusive subscriber’s pass to the Bloor Cinema (hello Documentaries! She made me promise to take her to a documentary with my “two free passes in the month of your birthday”). Also special thanks to SY for a delicious meal accompanied by her signature trademark card.

MDN for the gorgeous dress she bought me and the scrumptious cake that I can always count on her to get me every year (she knows my favourite kind).

SH for being extra upset for me and standing up for me when she felt that I was being disrespected this weekend.

JL for making the delicious fruit punch and for coming to my party despite not having seen each other in such a long time.

JM for taking the time to come to my party even though he had his own party to organize and host.

AL for feeling guilty that he couldn’t come to my party but wanted to in earnest.

OD for driving me around (ha ha ha).

JG for driving me home and listening to me talk my head off on Sunday. Also thanks to JG for blasting TSwift in the car on the way home. It really made the night very special.

AZ, AN, NL, MT, HZ, VP for sending me very thoughtful personal messages, despite their busy schedules, from all over the world with their best wishes.

TL for talking to me on the phone right now.

My new MT friends for their generosity, for constantly wishing me happy birthday, and for also singing it to me in class.

My brother who posted this onto his Instagram: 

... even though he missed my birthday by two weeks.

… even though he missed my birthday by, like, two weeks.

And finally, my parents… for having me for making me my favourite meal tonight… Dad, for trying to be discreet about slipping out of the house during a big storm to buy me a cake (although, let’s face it, he was being very obvious because he abruptly stood up from the dinner table after finishing his meal, ran upstairs to change, and then to the garage. And when he arrived home, he walked past my room, into my brother’s room, and whispered loudly to my brother, “There is a surprise cake for Tina downstairs!!”). Mom, for making it possible to have my friends over on Sunday for the BBQ and for forcing my brother to be less annoying to me today. Also, Dad for giving me a wonderful hug and $$, so I can buy things. Ha ha ha ha.

For my Friends and Family, thank you for making this day so special for me.

And you know what the best part is? Y’all remembered my birthday without FB. That is just amazing.

I woke up this morning to this song set as my alarm… because whenever I imagined what my 22nd birthday would be like… this song was always playing in the background. What can I say? Taylor Swift is my guilty pleasure.

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  1. September 11, 2014 12:06 am

    Happy Birthday!

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