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Hammer it Out!

October 19, 2014

I have been cooped up in my house since Friday evening, and I feel mildly disgusting among my piles of books, papers, and tissue papers.

Well, at least I showered today.

I am sick. I am tired. I am sleep-deprived.

But I kept telling myself all week-end to “Hammer it out!! Hammer it out!!” and by golly, I think I’ve done it! Oh, I am done! Oh, I am done! I started yesterday, and I finished today.

My crappy wonderful, shred-worthy golden, recyclable magnum opus! … Chapter one of my thesis!!

“Critical Phronesis: The Origins of Ethical Knowledge in making Ethical Decisions in the Classroom” The title doesn’t even make sense.

And to lull my cranky tiredness into gentle slumber, I shall now swaddle myself in a cocoon and “Blerg” myself to sleep with the faint sound of Tina Fey’s cackling laughter in the background and fly away to dreams of Alec Baldwin.


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