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January 1, 2015

Today was the best day of the year.


Okay, so you’ve caught me: it’s still only the first day of the year.

But my! How wonderful today has been–how relaxing today has been–how meaningful today has been!

I had such a wholesome day today up north. All of the kids were left at home, and it was just the three of us skating. A 22-year-old girl who hadn’t skated since she was 14, a 27-year-old hockey coach, and a 42-year-old who might as well be 28.

27 picked me up from a subway station. We had such a pleasant conversation that I was so surprised at how quickly we arrived in B-ton. We stopped at Timmy’s, talked some more, then slung our hockey skates over our shoulders and made our way over to a wonderful little park.

42 came soon after, and we all skated. The trauma of breaking my baby tooth on the ice in 6th grade came rushing back to me. 27 grinned at me and helped me on.

“Just like Bambi,” he said sheepishly.

I rolled my eyes and laughed. Some baby steps–or rather some baby glides— later and the muscle memory kicked in. I was getting better with each lap, but still, I was no better than the average 5-year-old on the rink today. 27 tried to teach me how to stop and how to shift quickly from skating forwards to backwards. He would hold onto my left side, instruct me to pivot my body, let go of me, then quickly skate over to my right to catch me as I would turn wildly out of control. He taught me various other moves, but alas, I was just too afraid of falling.

I can’t tell you how many times I almost fell. There were so many times when I would almost fall, then recover (in a very embarrassing waving-my-arms-around-like-crazy kind of way), and then immediately almost fall again. The first time that happened, 42 skated up to me laughing and said, “What happened there? Did you have a leg spasm??!”

I’m embarrassing, I know. 27 wouldn’t stop making fun of me.

“Are you doing a dance?”

“Yep. I totally meant to do that.”

As I reflect on the day spent with fun, caring, and loving people, I think back to what I am most grateful for. There are so many things: the wonderful conversations, the fact that 27 went out of his way to pick me up in the morning, the fact that 42 spent more than 1.5 hours driving to get me home…. There are so many things to be grateful for.

But there is one thing that sticks out in my mind more so than the others.

On the ice, I would almost fall. They would catch me every single time.

One time, I almost fell backwards when 42 skated up just in time to catch me from behind. He literally scooped me up just before I hit the ground.

I would skate, and then I would start laughing at something 27 said, and my vision would get blurry–naturally I cry when I laugh–and then I would wave my arms about, and my body would start to shake, and then I would make an ugly face (one of which 27 would mock countless number of times), and then I would semi-crash into 27’s open arms.

I never did fall today though despite the close calls. I had someone there to support me at all times.

And that’s the best part–knowing that there is someone there every time to catch you, not only when you fall but also when you almost fall. Even if it is a really ugly, embarrassing kind of fall. This is what I am most grateful for.

That was today, and I hope that it continues for the rest of 2015. I hope for more wholesome moments with wholesome people.

December 2014 - a wholesome moment is being had

December 2014 – a wholesome moment is being had

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