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Thought Processes during Crunch Time

March 29, 2015

11 hours and 29 minutes until my chapter 1 and 2 of my thesis is due for review.

Still editing.

Still writing.

Still gotta write a 10-page self-eval.

Many thoughts running through my mind:

Have I cited that yet?

Where did that paper go?

Who wrote that paper again?

Who said this again?????

What page was that again?

Where did the heck did they say it in the paper??

Ugh, I should have been more organized.

Someone said this somewhere… but where????

Oh my god. If something happens to my computer right now, I’m going to cry….  Command + S, Command + S…. I should e-mail this to myself.

I hope dropbox doesn’t fail me.

I said this somewhere before… but where??

Wow, this reference list is huge. Did this person really read all of these books…?

Ha ha, my reference list is huge. Makes me look so official and scholarly…. I, of course, read all of these books and papers….


Wow, I can actually cite things APA without even looking on owl purdue.

Omg, refworks is da best.

Coffee, need more coffee.

I need to pee so badly, but I have to hold it in because if I get up now, I’m going to lose my train of thought.

Wow, I keep highlighting and adding so many comments on this word document. Looks like I’m talking to myself.

I shouldn’t have watched that movie on that day that I was supposed to be doing work. I also should haven’t been watching those two other movies on the subsequent days.

I wish there was a machine that could just connect to my brain and write out everything for me.


Wut. My supervisor has already done research on this topic? I HAVE TO CHANGE EVERYTHING NOW??!!! Why does she have to be such a genius??

Stop getting up to look out the window… or to play the piano… or to sing and dance… or to change the radio.

Type faster you nut.

Stop reading random stuff on the internet that has nothing to do with your research.

Stop lying in bed.

Eureka! Idea!!!!! I can merge what this person said with what that other person said to show that what I’m trying to say is true.

But wait, who was that person again who said that thing?

I obviously have a lot of problems keeping track of who says what. When my research prof told me to create an annotated bibliography, I did not listen. Who needs an annotated bibliography? I had thought. It’s all going to be up here (points to head).

There’s no denying that: all of it is up there. I just can’t seem to find anything!

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